Re: [peirce-l] Peirce-L's ends

2012-03-26 Thread Stephen C. Rose
What is currently working well on the list? What, if anything, could be improved? If we should promote it, it would help to have a paragraph with succinct directions that all could use. I have been very impressed with the quality of posts and the civility here. What are our goals with this

Re: [peirce-l] Peirce-L's ends

2012-03-26 Thread Gary Richmond
Cathy, Stephen, List--In reflecting on Cathy's good questions and Stephen's thoughtful 'first response', I thought immediately of Joe's remarks which pretty much constitute the peirce-l forum page, some of them seemingly directed precisely to Cathy's questions. See:

Re: [peirce-l] Book Review • “Peirce and the Threat of Nominalism”

2012-03-26 Thread Jon Awbrey
Peircers, Yet another attack of synchronicity -- I just now happened to be working on the markup of some old work and I ran across this bit where I was trying to puzzle out a sensible picture of how the normative science fit together within a pragmatic perspective on their objects. |

[peirce-l] Aesthetics, Axiology, and Artistic Truth

2012-03-26 Thread Michael Shapiro
Dear Peirce Listers, Apropos of the recent messages regarding the Peirce Society meeting at SAAP earlier this month in New York, yes, I was there too and heard Tom Short's responses after his paper (unsatisfactory, in my estimation; but he told me that he hadn't slept the night before)

Re: [peirce-l] Book Review: Peirce and the Threat of Nominalism

2012-03-26 Thread Eugene Halton
Dear Terry, Gary, Cathy, et al., Thanks for your comments. But I don't think you quite get my point, namely; that the idealizing of the passions, including the idealization of love, as a means of creative agents capable of transforming the world though the active realization of