[peirce-l] Re: Entelechy

2006-06-05 Thread Benjamin Udell
Cassiano wrote, It's been a long while I don't write, but the subject interests me.I run the risk of repeating everything that was said here about entelechy, but a look up at the form of the word seems appropriate: entelechy in ancient greek is a form of saying (as literally as I can see)

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2006-06-05 Thread Prof. Dr. Mucio Whitaker
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[peirce-l] Re: Entelechy

2006-06-05 Thread Gary Richmond
Victoria Cassiano, I agree that Cassiano's is a sane, sound, and even evolutionary way of looking at entelechy. Peirce too saw that Kant and Bergson were on the right metaphysical track, process and vitalism, not mechanism and predetermination. The resultant 'emergent principle' is thus the

[peirce-l] Sinsign, Legisign, Qualisign

2006-06-05 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Dear list, Currently I am very interested in the notions of sinsign, legisign and qualisign. I know there have been discussions about this before, with phrases out of texts from CS Peirce defining these terms. What I however would like to know, is in what texts (preferably from the