[peirce-l] Re: Entelechy

2006-06-04 Thread Cassiano Terra Rodrigues
Hello list: It's been a long while I don't write, but the subject interests me. I run the risk of repeating everything that was said here about entelechy, but a look up at the form of the word seems appropriate: entelechy in ancient greek is a form of saying (as literally as I can see) en telos

[peirce-l] Re: 1st image of triangle of boxes (MS799.2)

2006-06-25 Thread Cassiano Terra Rodrigues
Dear List: in respect for fund raising for the edition of CSP's papers, the Peirce Edition Project at Indianapolis is always in search of funds, Nathan Houser and everybody else there are working a lot for the work on the CSP's papers. more info can be found at their website:

[peirce-l] Re: Death of Arnold Shepperson

2006-10-08 Thread Cassiano Terra Rodrigues
List: I have to say I'm deeply saddened by Arnold Shepperson's sudden death. In his memory, I have to say that I've learned a lot from his comments to the list and to a paper of mine we once exchanged. I'm sure lots of other people share this with we, and I say this because I am a teacher, and