[peirce-l] Re: Research Learning vs Teaching (was Peircean Prayer)

2006-01-22 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Actually, we are the engine of interpretation. Without us interpretation does not exist. Because, interpretation is only possible through thoughts. Peirce himself is telling something about conceptions, f.i. with the following statement: consider what effects, which might conceivably have

[peirce-l] RE: introduction

2006-01-22 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Hello all, As I enlisted here some week ago or so and also made some posting today, I will now also give some short introduction about myself. So, I am Dutch. 32 years old. Have followed some long education, mainly in management. Specialism first in logistics, bachelor level. Then I entered

[peirce-l] Re: NEW ELEMENTS (KAINA STOICHEIA) available at Arisbe

2006-01-24 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen writes: Some short reply. To set things straight, I am not a Dr. My title is Drs, it is for completing my university studies. I might get the other one in about 2 months, but do not have the right to use that one yet. I am sure signs can not operate, even not exist, without

[peirce-l] Re: NEW ELEMENTS (KAINA STOICHEIA) available at Arisbe

2006-01-25 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Also, while it is clear that no sign actually functions as such in the absence of interpretation, the question of whether an *interpreter* is required may be the kind of metaphysical question that Peirce declines to enter into in this essay (EP2, 314). gary F. well the above

[peirce-l] Re: Peircean elements

2006-03-06 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Thomas, I am very curious about what you come up with for sure! Of course. But, another thing...I am wondering what you are doing for a living actually? Being a cook, cooking for people in a restaurant?? And that is (about) fulltime? I myself am actually working in a backery right now for

[peirce-l] Re: naming definite individuals

2006-03-20 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Dear list, Just now I was thinking about some passages of Peirce. About some small sentences which for me appeared to be quite important somehow. For me they are now, whatever the answers to my questions I have to ask here now. The questions relate to the term diagrammatic of C.S.

[peirce-l] Re: on continuity and amazing mazes

2006-04-03 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Dear list, Some request from me again...fact is that I am getting some great insights at the moment, but need to have some better understanding from the term diagrammatic as stated by CS Peirce. What I want to truly understand is what he meant by this term. For that I need to know where to find

[peirce-l] Entelechy, friends of wisdom, nanomanagement

2006-06-04 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Dear Cassiano, list, I regard the below message as very interesting. Cassiano, your English is definitely not poor. And for me it adds for sure to the understanding of the very interesting notion of Entelechy. Which I also regard a very interesting subject. But, till now I only know the

[peirce-l] Sinsign, Legisign, Qualisign

2006-06-05 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Dear list, Currently I am very interested in the notions of sinsign, legisign and qualisign. I know there have been discussions about this before, with phrases out of texts from CS Peirce defining these terms. What I however would like to know, is in what texts (preferably from the

[peirce-l] Re: Sinsign, Legisign, Qualisign

2006-06-14 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
So why would the word red be a symbol??? To me it is also not. I would regard the word red more as being a qualisign, which then would also fit the last sentence below. To me the word red can not be a sinsign since it is not an actual existing thing or event. And to me a quality (like red)

[peirce-l] Re: Generator of lattices

2006-06-15 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Well...just make sure not pushing any button but just choosing some number first with the drop down menu. By pointing with your mouse on the arrow at the right of the number (specify the number of trichotomies). Then choose ok. Worked for me :-) Wilfred -Oorspronkelijk bericht- Van:

[peirce-l] Re: Sinsign, Legisign, Qualisign

2006-06-16 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Title: [peirce-l] Re: Sinsign, Legisign, Qualisign List, I did not know the Digital Peirce online site before. But am now reading some article there which I regard very good. And it is just the first article I am reading. Would advice people here who did not see the site before to

[peirce-l] Re: representing the ten classes of signs (corrected)

2006-06-17 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
So, actually, the photocopies we have now are actually photocopies of photocopies? And, are the originals at Harvard or so? I am just wondering whether anyone situated near enough to the source for the most original papers of Peirce still available somewhere ( I guess the originals will

[peirce-l] Re: 1st image of triangle of boxes (MS799.2)

2006-06-17 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
all of these and other things as well, but it requires money even to get a start on doing all of this. As I said, let us know if you know where to get it. Joe Ransdell - Original Message - From: Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Peirce Discussion Forum peirce-l

[peirce-l] Re: 1st image of triangle of boxes (MS799.2)

2006-06-17 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
a start on doing all of this. As I said, let us know if you know where to get it. Joe Ransdell - Original Message - From: Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Peirce Discussion Forum peirce-l@lyris.ttu.edu Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2006 1:14 PM Subject: [peirce-l] Re: 1st image

[peirce-l] Re: 1st image of triangle of boxes (MS799.2)

2006-06-23 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Benjamin, In the discourse below, I think the cause of your problems in reasoning are at least partly caused by misinterpretation of the qualisigns and further aspects of the sign you are talking about at that moment. Well actually that seems to be a logical conclusion, but I just want to

[peirce-l] Floyd Merrel

2006-07-03 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
I am now on the net looking for sources for notion of vagueness connected with CS Peirce. By doing so, I also found some books on Amazon by Floyd Merrel. My question is whether this guy is scientist or more like independent scholar. And I am actually wondering whether he is on this list??

[peirce-l] RE: the quality of good

2006-07-04 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
I regard this kind of discussions very interesting and practical. It are the kind of discussions that motivated me to get into science and reading a lot of intellectual texts. While I was, and even am, one of the most sceptical persons about both science and scientist. Think that mainly

[peirce-l] Objectively and subjectively general (sign), objectively vague

2006-07-06 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Dear list, I am currently reading the text peirces logic of vagueness of Phillys Chiasson. This text I regard as excellent, also because the logic of vagueness of CS Peirce intrigues me a lot. Would like to know where I can find this logic of vagueness in Peirces own texts. What I am

[peirce-l] RE: The Age of Fallibility

2006-07-09 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Title: [peirce-l] Re: Sinsign, Legisign, Qualisign - help! Dear everybody,. Does someone here on the list happen to know this George Soros? I already knew his name and interests, and would like to get in touch with this guy. Any contacts might help. Kind regards, Wilfred

[peirce-l] RE: MS 403 available at Arisbe

2006-07-20 Thread Drs.W.T.M. Berendsen
Thank you a lot! Reading this great text just now. I got some general question again. Which has to do with some Aristotle notion. I am just wondering whether CS Peirce also used this notion or wrote some texts that are strongly connected with this notion. I am talking here about the notion of