[peirce-l] Re: Heathening

2006-01-15 Thread Eugene Halton
Dear Joe, I realize you didn't want to go further in this discussion, but I just want to comment on something. Thanks for the definition of heathen, which, with its connection of religious beliefs to locale and landscape, actually could be taken as complimentary, just as the term civilization

[peirce-l] Re: Entelechy

2006-05-09 Thread Eugene Halton
Kirsti M: “…The entelechy or perfection of being Peirce here refers to is something never attained to full, but strived at, again and again. Just as with science and scientific knowledge. It's about striving to approach, better and better, The Truth. If there ever would be an end, the absolute

[peirce-l] Re: What fundamental psychological laws is Peirce referring to?

2006-09-27 Thread Eugene Halton
Kirsti Mtt��nen kirstima at saunalahti.fi writes: Dear Eugene, Thanks for an inspiring mail. The idea of a progressively broadening social conception I find a very fruitful one, enriching the idea of a logical ordering. This, together with your exhilarating thought-experiment with

[peirce-l] Re: Death of Arnold Shepperson

2006-10-02 Thread Eugene Halton
I am very sorry to hear of Arnold's death and send my condolences. He will be missed. Gene Halton --- Message from peirce-l forum to subscriber archive@mail-archive.com