[perl #72972] [BUG] False ~~ True in Rakudo

2010-02-22 Thread Moritz Lenz via RT
On Sat Feb 20 13:31:33 2010, masak wrote: spinclad rakudo: say False ~~ True p6eval rakudo ec47f3: OUTPUT«1␤» masak o.O spinclad (which is Worng) colomon alpha: say False ~~ True p6eval alpha 30e0ed: OUTPUT«1␤» lue pugs: say False ~~ True p6eval pugs: OUTPUT«␤» * masak submits rakudobug

Re: [perl #72972] [BUG] False ~~ True in Rakudo

2010-02-22 Thread David Green
On 2010-Feb-22, at 2:08 am, Moritz Lenz wrote: At least I'd find it more intuitive if smart-matching against Bool would coerce the the LHS to Bool and then do a comparison, much like smart-matching against strings and numbers work. The downside is that then: given $thing { when