Re: say Cool-concat-junction question

2018-12-22 Thread Brad Gilbert
I turns out there is a candidate for Str:D, Junction:D but not for Any:D, Junction:D so it is going through one of the other :<~> candidates, specifically it looks like it could be *@args Which doesn't apparently work with Junctions. So yes it is a bug. On Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 9:05 PM yary

say Cool-concat-junction question

2018-12-22 Thread yary
What's going on here- is this error a mistake on my part, or a bug? $ perl6 -e "say 3 ~ ( 'a' | 'b' )" Type check failed for return value; expected Str:D but got Junction (any("3a", "3b")) in block at -e line 1 $ perl6 -e "say 'x' ~ ( 'a' | 'b' )" any(xa, xb) $ perl6 -v This is Rakudo

Tricks: class cloning

2018-12-22 Thread Vadim Belman
Hi! Another question to improve understanding of Perl6 internals. Let's say, I've got an idea of allowing a user to define a 'template' class. I.e. it wouldn't be used directly, but I could be used as a base for creating a new one (or a couple of new ones – it would depend). Basically, what is