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2018-10-02 Thread Peter Scott
On 10/2/2018 6:29 PM, Trey Harris wrote: So it is for the [] postcircumfix. For those of us who have been following Perl 6 development for 18 years, the fact that it—and almost every other low-level particle—can be described at all in such a way is a remarkable triumph of the language. Amen

Re: Could this be any more obscure?

2018-10-02 Thread Peter Scott
On 10/2/2018 5:45 PM, ToddAndMargo wrote: On 10/2/18 5:31 PM, Curt Tilmes wrote: On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 8:28 PM ToddAndMargo > wrote:     Question: in Perl syntaxland, is "postfix" short     for "postcircumfix"? Nope.  Each are different types of oeprator. 

Re: Could this be any more obscure?

2018-09-30 Thread Peter Scott
On 9/30/18 2:45 AM, ToddAndMargo wrote: The manual need to be written for the common user to understand, not just developer level and very advanced users.  They don't need the manual anyway. Of course we do. I constantly refer to the Perl 5 manual rather than waste memory on rote

Re: Could this be any more obscure?

2018-09-26 Thread Peter Scott
On 9/26/2018 3:21 PM, ToddAndMargo wrote: I use words all the time.  I never would have figured it out from     multi method words(Str:D $input: $limit = Inf --> Positional) Do your really think any beginner would be able to figure out "words" from the above? If the beginner had studied the

Re: A comparison between P5 docs and p6 docs

2018-09-12 Thread Peter Scott
Ordinarily I would agree with you. But I know my own brain and how it works. I only learn by doing. Have tried to change that and can't. A good tutorial book *will* make you "do." The brian d foy book does exactly that with things to try, and questions to explore in your own code. It

Re: RFE: contains documentation

2018-09-09 Thread Peter Scott
On 9/9/18 3:47 PM, ToddAndMargo wrote: I also LOVE examples.  Sometimes an example will get past the fog quicker than anything else.  And you will notice in a (spoken) language dictionary, they ALWAYS give an example of how to use a work in its various contexts. "Learning Perl 6" by brian d

Re: RFE: contains documentation

2018-09-09 Thread Peter Scott
right (at least, initially) by creating the ---tut series of pods. Good programmers are not always good writers or teachers. Peter Scott Author, "Perl Debugged," "Perl Medic," and "Perl Fundamentals."

Missing or wrong version of dependency

2018-09-02 Thread Peter Scott
Hullo.  I am on     CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core) and I did     yum install rakudo    [rakudo-0.2018.04-1.el7]     yum install rakudo-zef  [rakudo-zef-0.2.9-1.el7.x86_64] Both came from epel.  Then I tried this: # zef install Readline ===SORRY!=== Missing or wrong version of

Re: ding!

2017-05-31 Thread Peter Scott
On 5/31/17 8:44 PM, ToddAndMargo wrote: On 05/31/2017 08:39 PM, Lloyd Fournier wrote: perl6 -e 'say "\a"' No joy under linux. 0x07 does not work either. Just prints a 7 ITYM chr(7).

Re: Perl 6 Advocacy Suggestion

2016-01-19 Thread Peter Scott
I have seen Damian demonstrate how Perl 6 can be the best language for teaching functional, procedural, and object-oriented programming. On 1/19/2016 10:37 AM, Darren Duncan wrote: I very much agree with this idea, of arguing Perl 6 as a teaching language. Academia are the ones that would