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2005-02-25 Thread Behdad Esfahbod
On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Skip Tavakkolian wrote:

 I'm not sure how the date data type can be representation agnostic.
 What ever the OS provides (via a system call) is in reference to a
 starting point in some calendar.  On UNIX systems, this is
 traditionally the number of seconds since January 1, 1970, i.e.
 Gregorian.  GetSystemTime on Win32 returns a structure, which
 represents the Gregorian date.

The UNIX epoch can easily defined as the number of seconds since
11 Dey 1348.  The important data is a date in the sense of a
point in the axis of time.  How you write it out, depends on one
speific representation though.

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Re: The New Alef

2005-02-25 Thread Connie Bobroff
Quoting Behdad Esfahbod [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
 Smart!  That can be useful in hex numbers written in Arabic
 script too.  Indeed they want it to look like one letter, and
 don't want the Alef to be read as 1.

Smart indeed!  Put this on the list of desired characters for fonts.
Suddenly I'm realizing how ugly my multiple choice tests are looking with the
Alef spelled out letter-by-letter when it could be this attractive, compact
design as one glyph, perhaps no larger than Beh, Jim, etc.

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Re: PersianComputing Digest, Vol 21, Issue 13

2005-02-25 Thread mohsen ali momeni
 Well, that's why I'm saying your implementation is not what MySQL
 people expect.  The date data type is representation-agnostic
 itself, and AddDate, DateDiff, etc work with the date data type
 (at least in MySQL).  What you need is functions to covert from
 internal date representation to Iranian calendar string, and vice
 versa.  You don't need (and should not) implement all date
 functions again.

Well, at first I wanted to implement a multicalender system for mysql
through a variable per column that can be set while creating tables,
something like : Create table t0 (dt Date calender jalali) ;  but as
mysql didn't accept , I worked on some functions.Now, I save iranian
Date in Date data type of mysql so why can't i define JDateAdd and
JDateDiff for iranian Date ??

Of course you are right , I shouldn't implement all Date functions
again but don't we need DateDiff function?
Maybe I misunderestood what you are saying , sorry.

Mohsen A. Momeni
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