Re: Farsi in opengl

2006-01-06 Thread Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh
Ahmad Mouri Sardarabadi wrote: Salam, Man darhale neveshtam yeseri barname baraye estefadeye shakhsiyam ke az opengl estefade mikonan. man tavasote freetype(2) toonestam ke bitmap fonto baraye render dar opengl bedast biyaram ama baraye inkar ehtiyaj be estfade az shomareye daghighe harh

viewing farsi font in console

2005-12-11 Thread Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh
Dear all, I need to my user see farsi fonts in console without running X. does ncursess library has capability of this function? If it hasn't that,Please guide me that i can do it. If you remember,we use fonteditor in MICRO$OFT.Then we ran a .com file that mapped memory.But i don't know how i

Lower YE Upper YE

2004-05-26 Thread Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh
Dears,I can see webpages through IE5.5. Why between of a word,do see upper YE instead of its opposite. Can i convert it to lower YE. Yours,Mohsen. _ Thank you for choosing LinuxQuestions.