RE: Persian POS Tagger

2005-12-14 Thread Connie Bobroff
 We are a group working on Persian POS tagger in university of Tehran. I am
 sending this email to know if anybody can help us in this field.

I believe there are quite a few members of this list working on POS tagging.
Could you give us some more details of your project? Perhaps that would save 
you from reduplicating efforts of previous projects.


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Re: Two new fonts from SIL

2005-08-02 Thread Connie Bobroff
 SIL International has recently released two new fonts, Scheherazade  
 and Lateef, both in two versions of AAT (for Macintosh) and OT (for  
 the rest). They are quite good. Check them out at: 

Yet more Arabic fonts.  Looks like they couldn't even
find any Persian typists among the beta testers.


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Re: URLs to memorize

2005-07-28 Thread Connie Bobroff
Quoting Behdad Esfahbod [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

 - First, gives you our beloved standard Persian keyboard. So you
 can type standard Persian on any computer running IE, Mozilla, or
 - Shows the layout for your convenience.
 - Makes it easy to convert back and forward between UTF-8 and
 HTML entities that is a common operation when dealing with web

In case you need ideas for future enhancements, please consider putting
an apostrophe checker which will search out unescaped apostrophes in the content
and add the extra slash before them however leave the apostrophes that are part
of the js code alone. This apostrophe problem is already a 
big enough headache in javascript but in Persian where we transliterate hamze
with apostrophe it is that much worse.  Note, I am shamelessly suggesting the
enhancement without even first having tried out your new editor :)

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Re: The New Alef

2005-02-25 Thread Connie Bobroff
Quoting Behdad Esfahbod [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
 Smart!  That can be useful in hex numbers written in Arabic
 script too.  Indeed they want it to look like one letter, and
 don't want the Alef to be read as 1.

Smart indeed!  Put this on the list of desired characters for fonts.
Suddenly I'm realizing how ugly my multiple choice tests are looking with the
Alef spelled out letter-by-letter when it could be this attractive, compact
design as one glyph, perhaps no larger than Beh, Jim, etc.

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Re: The New Alef

2005-02-23 Thread Connie Bobroff
Quoting Roozbeh Pournader [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

 There has been a new Alef around for quite a while. 

Why do you say new? Alef is always written out that way as in
numbered lists, 

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Re: problem with farsi in excel 2000 - any help appreciated!

2005-01-04 Thread Connie Bobroff
Quoting Julia von Rennenkampff [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

 but in excel weird things happen, e.g. 


Since right-to-left (using normal format buttons) seems to be working for you in
Word, perhaps your version of Excel has a bug.

There is actually a macro in Word (at least 2003) to force rtl
when it occasionally is being really stubborn and refuses to change direction:

Tools  Macros  Macros  word commands ltrrun

This macro doesn't already exist in Excel but maybe someone here knows
how to import it from Word.

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2004-11-01 Thread Connie Bobroff
  Humm, would you check  I think it worked in IE
  when I designed it.
 Done.  It looks pretty well, only the non-link items in the left hand menu
 might not be much readable (or it might be my lack of perfect sight.)

I have not had any trouble viewing the site with IE. However, a lot of
people with WinXP SP2 aren't able to view any images on *certain* sites. 
I think it has to do with interference from firewall/anti-virus programs.
In any case, many people in Iran turn off images anyhow for faster
viewing so you may like to design the site so that it works both with and
without images.

By the way, I also may be lacking perfect sight but I didn't see a link to:

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