KDE, Persian Numbers, and decimal separator

2004-01-08 Thread Masuod
KDE bug or i'm wrong ? http://catminds.m2ix.com/images/shots/kedit-bug-shot-000.png http://catminds.m2ix.com/images/shots/konqueror-bug-shot-000.png Masoud __ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Hotjobs: Enter the Signing Bonus Sweepstakes

Re: IranSystem to Unicode (UTF-8) converter

2004-01-03 Thread Masuod
this source codes my help you ( python classes to convert iransystem and widnows1256 to utf-8) http://catminds.m2ix.com/sources/python/convertor.py Masoud --- Ebadat A.R. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Salam, I'm looking for IranSystem to Unicode(UTF-8) converter. If you have one or interested to

[PersianComputing] [offtopic] Arax 0.1 released under GPL

2003-10-28 Thread Masuod
Arax is an English to Persian Dictionary with more than 50,000 definitions, including phrases, written in python/gtk. Arax is open source/free software;you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License I have nothing to say now, just go and try it. arax