Re: WEFT webpage font embedding--Call for feedback

2004-05-07 Thread fariborz_persiancomp
 But take a look at ,
 Unfortunately, it really was not too helpful. No chance to test Win98
 with IE6 for example.

Hi Connie,

I have an unsolicited suggestion (I know you really don't want to hear
from eye-rain-ians ).  I routinely need to compile and test software
for a number of different OSes for x86/PC platform.  What I've found
useful -- especially for testing -- is VMWare.  It allows me to test
all Windows variants as well as FreeBSD and Linux.  There is a 30 day
free trial period that should give you a pretty good idea. I believe
they have an academic discount program.  Have you tried it?


P.S. Mac OS X users can use VirutalPC for PC virtual machine
on a Mac.

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Re: Sorting Problem with Pashto

2004-02-25 Thread fariborz_persiancomp
It appears that every piece of email on this thread has
been bouncing back and force a couple of times already.
Is there a problem with the listserv? Some element is
reflecting the same message back. Lets hope it doesn't
happen to this one.

 I am working on a Dictionary project for Pashto language. Was trying to enter 
 English into Pashto dictionary into Microsoft Access and while sorting the 
 Pashto column on ascending order, I came to across a bug (thats what i'll call 
 The image below is a screen short of Access Database sorted on the right column 
 which is Pashto Meaning of the English word on the left side. As you can see that in 
 Pashto the letter TTeh (Teh with circle) comes after Teh and before wow  but in 
 this list TTeh, TZEEM, and TSEH comes after wow  which comes at the end almost. 
 Could anyone tell me whats the problem here and how can we fix it ?
 Thank you
 Said Marjan Zazai,
 Afghan Tech.
 Kabul, Afghanistan.

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