Convert to Unicode

2004-01-08 Thread Sh. Farzanehfar
Hi! I want to convert from Al-Kateb to Unicode.Could you please help me.Best Regards Shahram Farzanehfar Fax number: 1 (530) 706-7306 URL adress: Add photos to your e-mail with MSN 8. Get 2 months FREE*. ___

Re: Convert to Unicode

2004-01-08 Thread Ebadat A.R.
Dear Mr. Farzanehfar, I don't know what is Al-Ketab encoding. Would you tell me more about this encoding? Regards, Ebadat A.R. - Original Message - From: Sh. Farzanehfar To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: 2004/01/08 11:38 AM Subject: Convert to Unicode Hi! I