Persian Text Algorithms

2004-01-18 Thread Sina Ahmadian
Hello, I have some unicode texts in different languages (Persian, Arabic, ...). How can I find the language of each text? Is there any algorithms or any other solution for determining the text language? Sina Ahmadian _ MSN 8 with

Pango and FarsiTeX

2004-01-18 Thread Mostafa Modirrousta
Hi folks! Would anyone please elaborate on what Pango ( is? I just saw a picture of how it treats Farsi and would that somehow let's more easily use Farsi under Linux than Chapdiz (sorry, forgot the exact name of that live-cd knoppix apted for Farsi)? I would


2004-01-18 Thread Sam Baran
Does anyone know how to convert Adobe pdf Farsi text to MS Word 2000 Farsi text? I was reading a pdf Farsi newspaper; decided to copy a paragraph in the article to the clipboard; paste it to a Word Farsi file. The encoding conversion did not take place; the result was ASCII codes- not Farsi

Re: Pango and FarsiTeX

2004-01-18 Thread Behdad Esfahbod
Dear Mostafa, Pango is the rendering engine of Gtk and GNOME desktop. FarsiTeX is going to be released under Linux in a few weeks. But no really good news on editor side. Perhaps using wine or winelib to run Windows editor. behdad On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Mostafa Modirrousta wrote: Hi folks!