Re: [PersianComputing] Re: Persian Academy's computer terms

2003-08-20 Thread Arash Zeini
On Wednesday 20 August 2003 21:57, C Bobroff wrote: Hi Arash, The same list is also available from under the terminology section. I couldn't locate the terminology section. Can you give a direct URL? Thanks, Connie Hi Connie, At this time you need to login to see

Re: English-Persian dictionary on your site

2004-03-06 Thread Arash Zeini
In a message dated Saturday 06 March 2004 22:20, C Bobroff wrote: On Sat, 6 Mar 2004, Linguasoft wrote: Just a few thoughts why things happen that may appear strange at a first glance... Peter, Speaking of strange, I think you may enjoy this book if you haven't read it already:

Re: WEFT webpage font embedding--Call for feedback

2004-05-07 Thread Arash Zeini
Hi Connie, On Konqueror 3.2.0 on KDE 3.2.0 all is fine except h and z in Hafiz (fi). The same applies to Busq as it uses the same h. Greetings, Arash In a message dated Friday 07 May 2004 08:31, C Bobroff wrote: We've had a few discussions about WEFT before in the past but never really