Re: [PersianComputing] Persian input with US/European keyboard

2003-06-11 Thread Jon D.
I have been developing something similar to this concept. It's just a perl cgi script that converts from one character set to another. I haven't worked on it for a while, but it works at least from romanized Persian to html Unicode (eg. #1705; ). I think it can currently handle input and output

Re: Persian Text Algorithms

2004-01-18 Thread Jon D.
be in order. 'Analogical Modeling' [1] uses example text to guess correctly a given phenomenon. It's akin to Bayesian or TiMBL techniques, but generally performs better with text. I've used it to identify the origins of Urdu and Persian words, and it performed pretty well. Also, it's Free. -Jon D

RE: IranL10nInfo

2004-05-03 Thread Jon D.
I'm not sure if you're already aware of this, but run by Radio Free Europe distributes these Tajik fonts: -Jon D. --- C Bobroff [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Peter

New versions of Persian stemmer syntax parser

2005-06-07 Thread Jon D.
For anyone who's interested, new versions of a Persian stemmer, two-level morphology engine, link-grammar syntax parser, and character encoding conversion scripts are available for download. All of it is under the Free license GPL v.2 Web demonstrations for the Persian stemmer and the syntax

Re: New versions of Persian stemmer syntax parser

2005-06-24 Thread Jon D.
--- Behdad Esfahbod [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can you please educate us on how these are supposed to work? I can't get anything out of them. I choose UTF-8, and type a verb in the stemmer, I get back the verb verbatim. Sorry about the late reply. The perl script is run from the

Re: Persian letters various code pages

2005-11-21 Thread Jon D.
/orthography.txt or To romanize Persian texts: download this: then type: perl --nostem --input utf8 myinput.txt myoutput.txt Hope this helps, -Jon D