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2004-01-25 Thread Roozbeh Pournader
On Sun, 2004-01-18 at 19:51, Sam Baran wrote:
 Does anyone know how to convert Adobe pdf Farsi text
 to MS Word 2000 Farsi text?

It depends on the software that created the PDF page. In each case,
special decoding software should be written, since these packages
usually do not follow the Adobe standards.


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2004-01-18 Thread Sam Baran
Does anyone know how to convert Adobe pdf Farsi text
to MS Word 2000 Farsi text?  I was reading a pdf Farsi
newspaper; decided to copy a paragraph in the article
to the clipboard; paste it to a Word Farsi file.  The
encoding conversion did not take place; the result was
 ASCII codes- not Farsi words. The Acrobat Reader 6
pdf launched inside MS IE6.o.28 under MS Win XP.
Bejan Baran
--- Behdad Esfahbod [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 IIRC Microsoft website has .exe packages for that. should have instructions.
 On Fri, 16 Jan 2004, Naqashzade, Sadeq wrote:
  I need fixed Tahoma (without Persian Yeh problem)
 for Windows 2000. I have
  FixTTF utility but I'm unable to install fixed
 Tahoma font because it used
  by windows as default. If any one know how can
 install this font or know
  where can I download any package that install this
 font or at least have any
  idea to solve this problem please let me to know.
  FYI, I'm using Windows 2000 Prf. with MS Office
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 PersianComputing mailing list

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