Re: [HACKERS] Varying results when using merge joins over postgres_fdw vs hash joins

2017-09-20 Thread David Kohn
t;. > Non-default collations go through strcoll_l(), which might not even > exist on a given platform. So they're entirely separate code paths. > > regards, tom lane > -- David Kohn | Data Engineer | MOAT 63 Madison Ave, 15th Floor, NYC

Re: [HACKERS] Function Volatility and Views Unexpected Behavior

2017-07-13 Thread David Kohn
ll think it might be something to document better. -David On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 3:23 PM Tom Lane <> wrote: > David Kohn <> writes: > > I encountered some unexpected behavior when debugging a query that was > > taking longer than expec

[HACKERS] Function Volatility and Views Unexpected Behavior

2017-07-12 Thread David Kohn
nyone have thoughts as to where documentation on that could be added to provide users some guidance? CREATE FUNCTION? CREATE VIEW? I'm happy to write up a note on that behavior if people think that would be useful. Best, David Kohn