Re: [HACKERS] Extra Vietnamese unaccent rules

2017-06-06 Thread Man Trieu
2017-06-07 0:31 GMT+09:00 Bruce Momjian : > On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 12:10:25AM +0900, Dang Minh Huong wrote: > > > On Jun 4, 29 Heisei, at 00:48, Bruce Momjian wrote: > > Shouldn't you use "or is_letter_with_marks()", instead of "or > len(...) > > >

[HACKERS] How to change order sort of table in HashJoin

2016-11-18 Thread Man Trieu
Hi Experts, As in the example below, i think the plan which hash table is created on testtbl2 (the fewer tuples) should be choosen. Because creating of hash table should faster in testtbl2. But it did not. I have tried to change the ordering of table by tuning parameter even if using