[HACKERS] Postgresql gives error that role goes not exists while it exists

2017-10-03 Thread Nick Dro
Can someone assists with the issue posted on StackOverflow?   https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46540537/postgresql-9-3-creation-of-group-role-causes-permission-problems     Creation of new Group Role causes postgresql to think that Login roles does not exist. I think it's a bug? or at least a

[HACKERS] Possible bug in 9.3.17 using operator <>

2017-08-01 Thread Nick Dro
The operator <> seems to not work properly comparing citext types in triggers function.   https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45441840/posgresql-9-3-operator-doesnt-give-logical-result   Can someone figure out what is the problem? This seems like a bug.

[HACKERS] Error log for psql (uploading backup) in PostgreSQL 9.3.17

2017-05-24 Thread Nick Dro
Hi, I should say that I'm haviing this issue since 9.3.2 I though it would be resolved when I upgrade to 9.3.17 but this still appear. This is a very wierd issue.   I upload backups using pg_restore and psql -h SERVER -U USERNAME -f backup.sql -q -d databasename -pPORT 2>errors.txt >output.txt