Re: [HACKERS] MERGE SQL Statement for PG11

2017-11-03 Thread Thomas Kellerer
PMFJI > We seem to have a few options for PG11 > > 1. Do nothing, we reject MERGE > > 2. Implement MERGE for unique index situations only, attempting to > avoid errors (Simon OP) > > 3. Implement MERGE, but without attempting to avoid concurrent ERRORs > (Peter) > > 4. Implement MERGE, while

[HACKERS] Re: Burst in WAL size when UUID is used as PK while full_page_writes are enabled

2017-10-27 Thread Thomas Kellerer
akapila wrote: > You might want to give a try with the hash index if you are planning > to use PG10 and your queries involve equality operations. But you can't replace the PK index with a hash index, because hash indexes don't support uniqueness. -- Sent from:

Re: [HACKERS] CTE inlining

2017-05-12 Thread Thomas Kellerer
> Just to se what other RDBMS are doing with CTEs; Look at slide > 31 here:  > That is taken from Markus Winand's post: "Seems like MySQL

Re: [HACKERS] CTE inlining

2017-05-04 Thread Thomas Kellerer
> 1) we switch unmarked CTEs as inlineable by default in pg11. +1 from me for option 1 -- View this message in context: Sent from the PostgreSQL - hackers mailing list archive at -- Sent via pgsql-hackers

Re: [HACKERS] CTE inlining

2017-05-03 Thread Thomas Kellerer
> I could tolerate telling people to use OFFSET 0 (and documenting it!) > as a workaround if we can't get something more friendly in. I agree with that. > If we go with WITH INLINE then we're likely not solving anything, because > most people will simply use WITH just like now, and will be

Re: [HACKERS] CTE inlining

2017-05-02 Thread Thomas Kellerer
> Relevant posts where users get confused by our behaviour: > And Markus Winand's blog: Databases generally obey this principle, although PostgreSQL represents a big exception and Besides PostgreSQL, all tested databases optimize

Re: [HACKERS] GSoC 2017

2017-01-27 Thread Thomas Kellerer
Greg Stark wrote > I don't think this even needs to be tied to currencies. I've often > thought this would be generally useful for any value with units. This > would prevent you from accidentally adding miles to kilometers or > hours to parsecs which is just as valid as preventing you from adding

Re: WG: [HACKERS] Packages: Again

2017-01-13 Thread Thomas Kellerer
Wolfgang Wilhelm wrote > - The more difficult a database change including rewriting of code will > get the less likely you'll find something paying for it. In my case there > is a list of reasons from the customer _not_ to switch from Oracle to > PostgreSQL. Besides more obvious reasons like APEX

Re: [HACKERS] UNDO and in-place update

2016-11-24 Thread Thomas Kellerer
> FWIW, while this is basically true, the idea of repurposing UNDO to be > usable for MVCC is definitely an Oracleism. Mohan's ARIES paper says > nothing about MVCC. > For snapshot isolation Oracle has yet a *third* copy of the data in a > space called the "rollback segment(s)". UNDO and

Re: [HACKERS] proposal: session server side variables

2016-10-14 Thread Thomas Kellerer
Pavel Stehule wrote > Session server side variables are one major missing feature in PLpgSQL. I think this would also be useful outside of PL/pgSQL to support query level variables similar to what SQL Server does. -- View this message in context:

[HACKERS] Re: [GENERAL] pg_upgrade from 9.5 to 9.6 fails with "invalid argument"

2016-09-30 Thread Thomas Kellerer
Masahiko Sawada schrieb am 30.09.2016 um 12:54: I did this on two different computers, one with Windows 10 the other with Windows 7. (only test-databases, so no real issue anyway) In both cases running a "vacuum full" for the table in question fixed the problem and pg_upgrade finished without

Re: [HACKERS] proposal: integration bloat tables (indexes) to core

2016-06-16 Thread Thomas Kellerer
Tom Lane-2 wrote > The problem with an extension is: when we make a core change that breaks > one of these views, which we will, how can you pg_upgrade a database > with the extension installed? There's no provision for upgrading an > extension concurrently with the core upgrade. Maybe there

Re: [HACKERS] Draft release notes for next week's releases

2016-03-28 Thread Thomas Kellerer
Oleg Bartunov-2 wrote > But still, icu provides us abbreviated keys and collation stability, Does include ICU mean that collation handling is identical across platforms? E.g. a query on Linux involving string comparison would yield the same result on MacOS and Windows? If that is the case I'm

[HACKERS] Re: [JDBC] 9.4-1207 behaves differently with server side prepared statements compared to 9.2-1102

2016-01-18 Thread Thomas Kellerer
Robert Haas wrote: > This isn't the first complaint about this mechanism that we've gotten, > and it won't be the last. Way too many of our users are way more > aware than they should be that the threshold here is five rather than > any other number, which to me is a clear-cut sign that this

Re: [HACKERS] No Issue Tracker - Say it Ain't So!

2015-09-24 Thread Thomas Kellerer
> And email integration for Jira is nonexistant. That is not true. We do have an email integration where customers can create issues by sending an email to a specific "Jira Email" address. And as far as I know this is a standard module from Atlassian. I _think_ it can also be configured that you

Re: [HACKERS] No Issue Tracker - Say it Ain't So!

2015-09-23 Thread Thomas Kellerer
> We have to use something OSS; open source projects depending on > closed-source infra is bad news. Out of what's available, I'd actually > choose Bugzilla; as much as BZ frustrates the heck out of me at times, > it's the only OSS tracker that's at all sophisticated. There are several OSS

Re: [HACKERS] Materialized views don't show up in information_schema

2014-10-18 Thread Thomas Kellerer
Does someone know what other DBMSs do in this regard? I.e., do they put anything in INFORMATION_SCHEMA.VIEWS for matviews? What TABLE_TYPE do they use in INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES? I can only speak for Oracle. Oracle doesn't have INFORMATION_SCHEMA but their JDBC driver treats mviews as

Re: [HACKERS] parametric block size?

2014-07-28 Thread Thomas Kellerer
Possibly stopping at the tablespace level might be more straightforward. To avoid messing up the pages in shared buffers we'd perhaps need something like several shared buffer pools - each with either its own blocksize or associated with a (set of) tablespace(s). This is exactly how Oracle

Re: [HACKERS] [GENERAL] New shapshot RPMs (Mar 27, 2009) are ready for testing

2009-03-30 Thread Thomas Kellerer
Dave Page, 30.03.2009 14:28: On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 1:06 PM, Thomas Kellerer wrote: OK, thanks. I received very strange error messages last week when I accessed that page. (Velocity Template not found and similar errors). But now it's working. Yeah, we had a big website