[HACKERS] pg_uuid_t support in contrib/btree_gist

2015-07-18 Thread Jarred Ward
I'd like to add uuid support to contrib/btree_gist. Proposal: * Add `contrib/btree_gist/btree_uuid.c' with implementation based on gbtree_ninfo type description * Modify `contrib/btree_gist/btree_utils_num.c' to support pg_uuid_t * Modify `contrib/btree_gist/btree_gist.h' to add gbt_t_uuid type

Re: [HACKERS] pglogical_output - a general purpose logical decoding output plugin

2016-01-07 Thread Jarred Ward
I didn't receive a response on the bugs mailing list for the following bug, so I was hoping we could triage to someone with more familiarity with Postgres internals than I to fix. This ticket seems like folks who are invested in logical decoding. The attached script is a simple workload that