[HACKERS] create type- similar char

2014-03-16 Thread Mohsen SM
I create one new type with CREATE TYPE command. for my type its INTERNALLENGTH is VARIABLE . but I want to my type behavior similar to char and when I type this query: CREATE TABLE tbl (col1 NEWTYPE); then when I write this query, so it get an error for it's length: insert into tbl values('dd');

[HACKERS] bpchar functinos

2014-03-15 Thread Mohsen SM
I want to fined when is used these functions(what query caused the call of these functions) : -char_bpchar() -bpchar_name() -name_bpchar()


2014-03-06 Thread Mohsen SM
I want use CREATE TYPE to create one type similar to char. I want to when I create type, then my type behave similar to char: CREATE TABLE test (oneChar char); when I want insert one column with length1 to it, so it gets this error: ERROR: value too long for type character(1) I want my type

[HACKERS] define type_transform to new user defined type

2014-02-25 Thread Mohsen SM
I want to create new type that is similar to varchar. its size is variable. I use CREATE TYPE query. I define for that type this functions: 1-typein 2-typeoute 3-typemodify_input 4-typemodify_output 5-type_transform I can define 1 to 4 functions in CREATE TYPE but I can't define type_transform

[HACKERS] varchar_transform

2014-02-23 Thread Mohsen SM
when did use varchar_transform function? src/backend/uitls/adt/varchar.c.

[HACKERS] typemode for variable types

2014-02-22 Thread Mohsen SM
Hello. I have a new type similar to varchar. I want to fine how did I can to calculate typemod and where must I calculate typemod for this type. thanks.

[HACKERS] control to don't toast one new type

2013-12-28 Thread Mohsen SM
I create type based on varlena. I want control it that don't toast. how to control the length? I must control all of varlena size or data varlena size? thank.

[HACKERS] Like operator for name type

2013-12-13 Thread Mohsen SM
I don't find where of code run the like operation for name Type. can you tell me where compare Like clues with one column of name type ? I don't find function for this operation in /src/backend/utils/adt/name.c when I was in debugging mode and get break point on all functions. thanks.