Re: [HACKERS] Adding XSLT support to PostgreSQL core?

2011-12-26 Thread Alvaro Herrera
Excerpts from Volker Grabsch's message of mar dic 06 06:34:37 -0300 2011: Dear PostgreSQL hackers, While all xpath_*() functions seem to have been successfully collapsed into a generic xpath() function, and xml_is_well_formed() has been moved into the type check for the XML type, I wonder

[HACKERS] Adding XSLT support to PostgreSQL core?

2011-12-06 Thread Volker Grabsch
Dear PostgreSQL hackers, [ please CC to me as I'm not subscribed to the list ] For my projects, I find it very handy to apply XSLT transformations directly on database side. Unfortunately, this is only available in contrib/xml2 with an unpleasant interface. The documentation of contrib/xml2 of