[HACKERS] Patch : seq scan readahead (WIP)

2009-08-08 Thread Pierre Frédéric Caillau d
This is a spinoff of the current work on compression... I've discovered that linux doesn't apply readahead to sparse files. So I added a little readahead in seq scans. Then I realized this might also be beneficial for the standard Postgres. On my RAID1 it shows some pretty drastic effects. The

Re: [HACKERS] Patch : seq scan readahead (WIP)

2009-08-08 Thread Albert Cervera i Areny
A Dissabte, 8 d'agost de 2009, Pierre Frédéric Caillaud va escriure: I guess it would need some experimenting with the values, and a per-tablespace setting, but since lots of people use Linux Software RAID1 on servers, this might be interesting... You guys want to try it ? Your tests involve