2005-06-23 Thread Douglas McNaught
Jim C. Nasby [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Would testing in the WAL directory be sufficient? Or at least better than nothing? Of course we could test in the database directories as well, but you never know if stuff's been symlinked elsewhere... err, we can test for that, no? In any case, it

Re: [HACKERS] Proposal: associative arrays for plpgsql (concept)

2005-06-29 Thread Douglas McNaught
David Fetter [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I'm all in favor of having associative arrays as a 1st-class data type in PostgreSQL. How much harder would it be to make these generally available vs. tied to one particular language? We already have them--they're called tables with primary keys. :)

Re: [HACKERS] Remote administration functionality

2005-08-01 Thread Douglas McNaught
Dave Page writes: -Original Message- From: Bruce Momjian [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] I am thinking we will need load_pg_hba() and write_pg_hba() that will load and write the table to pg_hba.conf. Yeah, that bit is straghtforward enough, but what about

Re: [HACKERS] transactions not working properly ?

2005-08-17 Thread Douglas McNaught
Ali Baba [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: exception when others then raise info 'error generated '; commit; RETURN 0; end; You can't COMMIT inside a function. -Doug ---(end of broadcast)--- TIP 3: Have you checked our extensive FAQ?

Re: [HACKERS] Spinlocks, yet again: analysis and proposed patches

2005-09-13 Thread Douglas McNaught
Josh Berkus writes: Tom, All: It seems to me what you've found is an outright bug in the linux scheduler. Perhaps posting it to linux-kernel would be worthwhile. For people using this on Linux 2.6, which scheduler are you using? Deadline is the recommended one for

Re: [HACKERS] Spinlocks, yet again: analysis and proposed patches

2005-09-13 Thread Douglas McNaught
Greg Stark [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Tom Lane [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: No; that page still says specifically So a process calling sched_yield() now must wait until all other runnable processes in the system have used up their time slices before it will get the processor again. I can prove

Re: [HACKERS] Spinlocks, yet again: analysis and proposed patches

2005-09-13 Thread Douglas McNaught
Greg Stark [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: What Tom found was that some processes are never scheduled when sched_yield is called. There's no reason that should be happening. Yeah, that would probably be a bug... -Doug ---(end of broadcast)--- TIP 4:

Re: [HACKERS] Key violation. ERROR: type lo does not exist.

2005-10-20 Thread Douglas McNaught
[EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I receive the mesagem from error: Key violation. ERROR: type lo does not exist. Have you installed the 'contrib/lo' module that creates that type? -Doug ---(end of broadcast)--- TIP 2: Don't 'kill -9' the postmaster

Re: [HACKERS] Ideas for easier debugging of backend problems

2005-10-27 Thread Douglas McNaught
Jim C. Nasby [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: It would also be useful to be able to force the backend to dump core so you can see if it's actually working (granted, I know you can end up hitting the ulimit depending on how much memory is being consumed). Maybe there is a way to do this

Re: [HACKERS] Odd db lockup - investigation advice wanted

2005-11-07 Thread Douglas McNaught
Marc Munro [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: PGDATA is installed on a Netapp network storage device. This is generally not recommended--it should be on a local disk (SAN, etc) rather than NFS. We are using slony 1.1.0 for replication. The (provider) database locked-up after I killed a slony client

Re: [HACKERS] bind variables, soft vs hard parse

2005-11-15 Thread Douglas McNaught
Marcus Engene [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Which will be the same as the second call. There is quite a big difference in performance using bind variables. Does Postgres work the same? Where can I go for more info? You can do this (or close to it) but you need to explicitly PREPARE the query (or

Re: [HACKERS] New Contrib Build?

2005-05-12 Thread Douglas McNaught
Russell Smith [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I suppose the question is, at what point are contrib modules re-reviewed for inclusion into core? And if they are continuing not to make it, is there something else that should be done with them? Basically, if someone wants a contrib module in core,

Re: [HACKERS] inet increment w/ int8

2005-05-23 Thread Douglas McNaught
Bruce Momjian writes: I modified the TODO. I think we only need an INT4. I realize INT8 would be for IPV6 but I can't imagine a network that has more than INT4 hosts (not part of the network address). Actually increment the host address isn't a well-defined concept

Re: [HACKERS] soundex and metaphone

2005-05-26 Thread Douglas McNaught
Jonah H. Harris [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hey everyone, I've been working with a couple people who didn't know that soundex and metaphone were included in the distribution as contrib modules. While it's their fault that they didn't check contrib, soundex is pretty common among database

Re: [HACKERS] The Contrib Roundup (long)

2005-06-07 Thread Douglas McNaught
Joshua D. Drake [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: lo: another special data type. Is its functionality required anymore? It appears to be a workaround to some limitations of our large object interface which may no longer exist. I **think** the lo datatype is for ODBC binary access. Yes, ISTR

Re: [HACKERS] Autovacuum in the backend

2005-06-16 Thread Douglas McNaught
Josh Berkus writes: Seriously, all: when I said that users were asking for Autovac in the backend (AVitB), I wasn't talking just the newbies on #postgresql. I'm also talking companies like Hyperic, and whole groups like the This is a feature that

Re: [HACKERS] pg_service.conf

2006-02-19 Thread Douglas McNaught
Simon Riggs [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: A server-side (i.e. centrally managed) name server seems like an improvement over the client-side solutions described, IMHO, but I'd leave it to others to describe how that might work. (e.g. DNS is a better solution than multiple distributed /etc/hosts

Re: [HACKERS] pg_service.conf

2006-02-19 Thread Douglas McNaught
Peter Eisentraut [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Mark Woodward wrote: Don't get me wrong, DNS, as it is designed, is PERFECT for the distributed nature of the internet, but replication of fairly static data under the control of a central authority (the admin) is better. What about this

Re: [HACKERS] pg_service.conf

2006-02-19 Thread Douglas McNaught
Mark Woodward [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: DNS isn't always a better solution than /etc/hosts, both have their pros and cons. The /etc/hosts file is very useful for instantaneous, reliable, and redundent name lookups. DNS services, espcially in a large service environment can get bogged down.

Re: [HACKERS] pg_service.conf

2006-02-19 Thread Douglas McNaught
Mark Woodward [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Um, is there something wrong with having multiple DNS servers in resolv.conf? Other than having to time out on #1 before you try #2? I'm genuinely curious. What is the timeout of that DNS lookup, before it goes to the second DNS server? I think on

Re: [HACKERS] postgresql query string length limit

2006-02-19 Thread Douglas McNaught
uwcssa [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I found any query exceeds 4096 charactors will be pruned automatically. i am wondering which knob should i change to make it larger , say, 1 charactors. i searched for a while but was not able to find it online. so if anyone has a quick nswer that will

Re: [HACKERS] postgresql query string length limit

2006-02-19 Thread Douglas McNaught
uwcssa [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I am using version 8.0.3. i installed using the --without-readline option. What client are you using? is there a quick workaround? The limit shouldn't be there. If you can post a test case that demonstrates the problem, perhaps someone can help.

Re: [HACKERS] postgresql query string length limit

2006-02-19 Thread Douglas McNaught
uwcssa [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: i am using psql client. On Fedora core (linux core: 2.4.20-8 ) as well on Suze 10.0 (core: 2.6.13-15.7-smp). Both has the same problem. Please send a test case (shell script that shows the behavior). I can do $ psql -f foo.sql doug where 'foo.sql'

Re: [HACKERS] Bug in signal handler

2006-05-11 Thread Douglas McNaught
Martijn van Oosterhout writes: Running unsafe functions within a signal handler is not unsafe per-se. It's only unsafe if the main program could also be running unsafe functions. I don't disagree with your reasoning, but does POSIX actually say this? -Doug

Re: [HACKERS] audit table containing Select statements submitted

2006-05-15 Thread Douglas McNaught
Jim C. Nasby [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 10:55:43AM -0500, Hogan, James F. Jr. wrote: Only specific tables. Of the 150 plus existing there are only 8 or 10 that hold sensitive data. In that case I'd definately go with the suggestion of creating access functions and

Re: [HACKERS] PL/pgSQL 'i = i + 1' Syntax

2006-05-18 Thread Douglas McNaught
Mark Dilger [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Tom Lane wrote: No it isn't. The plpgsql scanner treats := and = as *the same token*. They can be interchanged freely. This has nothing to do with the case of modifying a loop variable in particular. I disagree. If the scanner treated them the same,

Re: [HACKERS] Performance Issues

2006-05-23 Thread Douglas McNaught
Dhanaraj M [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I have the following doubts. 1. Does postgres create an index on every primary key? Usually, queries are performed against a table on the primary key, so, an index on it will be very useful. To enforce the primary key constraint, PG creates a unique

Re: [HACKERS] Rethinking stats communication mechanisms

2006-06-17 Thread Douglas McNaught
Greg Stark [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: PFC [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: - Will only be of use if the command is taking a long, long time. So, it need not be realtime ; no problem if the data comes with a little delay, or not at all if the command executes quickly. I would dispute

Re: [HACKERS] Rethinking stats communication mechanisms

2006-06-18 Thread Douglas McNaught
Greg Stark [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Douglas McNaught [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Yeah, but if you turn on query logging in that case you'll see the bajillions of short queries, so you don't need the accurate snapshot to diagnose that. Query logging on a production OLTP machine

Re: [HACKERS] PostgreSQL on 64 bit Linux

2006-08-20 Thread Douglas McNaught
Naz Gassiep [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I have a PostgreSQL installation on a Debian box that had the 64bit SMP kernel installed before PostgreSQL was compiled and installed on it. Does PostgreSQL take any advantage of the 64 bit environment or have we not done anything to move into the 64 bit

Re: [HACKERS] PostgreSQL on 64 bit Linux

2006-08-20 Thread Douglas McNaught
Naz Gassiep [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I just compiled as the manual says. I guess I must have compiled it in 32. I'll recompile in 64 when I upgrade to 8.2 when it's out. The 'file' command will tell you whether a binary is 32- or 64-bit. If you have a full 64-bit install, you'll get a 64-bit

Re: [HACKERS] PostgreSQL on 64 bit Linux

2006-08-20 Thread Douglas McNaught
[EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Is there an interest, or any active project to examine PostgreSQL in the area of 64-bit processors? Has it already been done? I don't recall seeing a reference to it in my travels. I'm also not sure on what to expect for results, as the territory is still new. 64-bit

Re: [HACKERS] PostgreSQL on 64 bit Linux

2006-08-21 Thread Douglas McNaught
[EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I believe the answer is no. No or few 64-bit optimization possibilities have been chased down, probably because some or many of these would: 1) require significant re-architecture 2) reduce the performance in a 32-bit world Honestly, I think the main

Re: [HACKERS] New Linux Filesystem: NILFS

2006-09-05 Thread Douglas McNaught
Chris Browne [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: NetBSD used to have a LFS; has that gone anywhere? Or been essentially dropped? My reading over the last few years has indicated that LFSs tend to suffer bad performance degradation as data and metadata for a given file get scattered all over the disk.

Re: Fwd: [HACKERS] polite request about syntax

2006-09-15 Thread Douglas McNaught
Ricardo Malafaia [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: What happens then when it sees something like a double variable interpolation as in $$foobar? ;) Then you use $FOO$ (or something else that doesn't appear in your code) as the delimiter--you're not limited to just $$. -Doug

Re: [HACKERS] Truncation of email subject lines

2006-09-16 Thread Douglas McNaught
Bruce Momjian [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Should I try hacking my mail reader to prevent this? I think I see where it is happening in the code. I'd say it'd be better to hack MajorDomo to be RFC-compliant. :) -Doug ---(end of broadcast)--- TIP

Re: [HACKERS] PostgreSQL future ideas

2008-09-27 Thread Douglas McNaught
On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 12:13 PM, Mark Mielke [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: If some parts of PostgreSQL are not performance bottlenecks, and they are extremely complicated to write in C, and very easy to write in something else common and simple (I've never used LUA myself?), I imagine it would be

Re: [HACKERS] Lisp as a procedural language?

2008-10-19 Thread Douglas McNaught
2008/10/18 M. Edward (Ed) Borasky [EMAIL PROTECTED]: GCL (and Clisp) are both reasonable implementations of Common Lisp. However, they are both GPL, which I think is an issue for PostgreSQL community members. CMUCL development more or less stalled out, and many of the heavyweights moved to

Re: [HACKERS] Short CVS question

2008-11-08 Thread Douglas McNaught
On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 8:24 PM, Dirk Riehle [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I have a short CVS question please: How do I go from a particular file revision like pgsql/cvs/pgsql/src/backend/parser/parse_relation.c.1.3 to the complete commit? I.e. I would like to navigate back from this

Re: [HACKERS] Submission of Feature Request : RFC- for Implementing Transparent Data Encryption in Postgres

2008-03-30 Thread Douglas McNaught
On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 4:36 PM, Tom Lane [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: sanjay sharma [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: 1. Transparent Data Encryption: The column which needs to be stored in encrypted form can be specified through DDL. The encryption key can be stored in a secure file accessible

Re: [HACKERS] Installation of Postgres 32Bit on 64 bit machine

2008-05-19 Thread Douglas McNaught
On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 1:40 PM, cinu [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All, I am trying to install PostgreSQL(postgresql-8.2.4-1PGDG.i686.rpm) on a 64 bit machine, when I try to install I get the following error message: :/home/dump/postgres32bit # rpm -ivh

Re: [HACKERS] [PERFORM] Memory question on win32 systems

2008-05-28 Thread Douglas McNaught
On Wed, May 28, 2008 at 7:05 PM, Sabbiolina [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, in my particular case I need to configure Postgres to handle only a few concurrent connections, but I need it to be blazingly fast, so I need it to cache everything possible. I've changed the config file and multiplied

Re: [HACKERS] Core team statement on replication in PostgreSQL

2008-05-29 Thread Douglas McNaught
On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 11:46 AM, Joshua D. Drake [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The only question I have is... what does this give us that PITR doesn't give us? I think the idea is that WAL records would be shipped (possibly via socket) and applied as they're generated, rather than on a

Re: [HACKERS] convert int to bytea

2007-11-29 Thread Douglas McNaught
On 11/29/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Thu, 29 Nov 2007, Gregory Stark wrote: What do you want the resulting bytea to look like? example : id = 9 , bytea = '\000\000\011' IIRC What do you expect to happen when server and client are differently-endian? -Doug

Re: [HACKERS] There's random access and then there's random access

2007-12-02 Thread Douglas McNaught
On 12/2/07, Gregory Stark [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The two interfaces I'm aware of for this are posix_fadvise() and libaio. I've run tests with a synthetic benchmark which generates a large file then reads a random selection of blocks from within it using either synchronous reads like we do

Re: [HACKERS] WIP: default values for function parameters

2008-12-12 Thread Douglas McNaught
On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 10:31 AM, Greg Stark wrote: On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 3:11 PM, Dimitri Fontaine wrote: That's why I'm preferring the common-lisp syntax of :param value, or its variant param: value. FWIW there is no such common-lisp syntax.

Re: [HACKERS] QuickLZ compression algorithm (Re: Inclusion in the PostgreSQL backend for toasting rows)

2009-01-05 Thread Douglas McNaught
On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 3:18 AM, Stephen R. van den Berg wrote: I'm not speaking for Lasse, merely providing food for thought, but it sounds feasible to me (and conforming to Lasse's spirit of his intended license) to put something like the following license on his code, which would

Re: [HACKERS] VC2005 build and pthreads

2007-02-05 Thread Douglas McNaught
Bruce Momjian [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Martijn van Oosterhout wrote: It'd be nice if we could do the same for some Unix platofrms like Linux. The C library uses threads internally, and there's no actual downside to enabling thread safety there, except removing a few failure modes. I was

Re: [HACKERS] Anyone going to the LinuxWorld Summit in NYC

2007-02-07 Thread Douglas McNaught
Bruce Momjian [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: [ BCC to hackers list.] Anyone going to the LinuxWorld Summit in New York City next week? I am going on the 15th. PostgreSQL doesn't have a booth at the event. I'm not a hacker, just a happy user, but

Re: [HACKERS] [Monotone-devel] Re: SCMS question

2007-02-24 Thread Douglas McNaught
Tom Lane [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Warren Turkal [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: What would you all think about moving to SVN if the anon CVS checkout can be made to work? I'll even volunteer to set it up. What's with the high pressure sales tactics? It's already been explained to you that the