[HACKERS] Patch proposal: query result history in psql

2013-05-14 Thread Maciej Gajewski
Attached patch contains feature I've implemented for myself, to make working with huge datasets easier. I work with large datasets (1E8 - 1E9 records), and the nature of my work is such that I must dig something out of the data on ad-hoc basis. I spend a lot of time with psql. Sometimes a query

Re: [HACKERS] Patch proposal: query result history in psql

2013-05-26 Thread Maciej Gajewski
Polished version of the patch. * The feature is disabled by default, enabled by backslash command \ans. Additionaly, \ansclean cleans the result history. * Escaping is applied when building COPY IN string This is patch is a diff between master:230e92c and

[HACKERS] Unsigned integer types

2013-05-27 Thread Maciej Gajewski
Hi all I know this topic was discussed before, but there doesn't seem to be any conclusion. The lack of unsigned integer types is one of the biggest sources of grief in my daily work with pgsql. Before I go and start hacking, I'd like to discuss few points: 1. Is there a strong objection

Re: [HACKERS] Unsigned integer types

2013-05-28 Thread Maciej Gajewski
surrounding signed/unsigned integers (like the ones described here: http://c-faq.com/expr/preservingrules.html). Others don't need to use them. Maciek On 27 May 2013 16:16, Tom Lane t...@sss.pgh.pa.us wrote: Maciej Gajewski maciej.gajews...@gmail.com writes: The lack of unsigned integer types

Re: [HACKERS] Unsigned integer types

2013-05-29 Thread Maciej Gajewski
I will implement it as an extension then. My feeling is that PostgreSQL extensions tend to fall into obscurity. As an ordinary user it took me really long time to find out that interesting features are available in form of extensions; they are certainly under-marketed. But this is a topic for

Re: [HACKERS] C++ compiler

2013-06-16 Thread Maciej Gajewski
It would be great. I'm working at the moment on porting integer operations to unsigned types, and the code is essentially a small number of functions, repeated for every combination of integer types. In C++ it could be simply one single set of template functions. Less code; less bugs.

Re: [HACKERS] [9.4 CF 1] The Commitfest Slacker List

2013-06-24 Thread Maciej Gajewski
Maybe this policy should be mentioned on the Wiki, so newbies like myself (who wouldn't even dare reviewing patches submitted be seasoned hackers) are not surprised by seeing own name on a shame wall? M

Re: [HACKERS] Review: query result history in psql

2013-06-27 Thread Maciej Gajewski
Thank you for the review! There were a few english/grammatical mistakes that I went ahead and fixed. Thank you for that. If you could send me a patch-to-a-patch so I can correct all the mistakes in the next release? Additionally, I think some of the string manipulation might be placed

Re: [HACKERS] Review: query result history in psql

2013-06-28 Thread Maciej Gajewski
Thanks for checking the patch! So what's left to fix? * Moving the escaping-related functions to separate module, * applying your corrections. Did I missed anything? I'll submit corrected patch after the weekend. M

Re: [HACKERS] Review: query result history in psql

2013-07-01 Thread Maciej Gajewski
I'm not really bought into some of the ideas. but maybe some interactive mode should be usefull - so after execution, and showing result, will be prompt if result should be saved or not. I like the idea, in addition to the ordinary mode. Personally, I would use the ordinary mode, but I can

Re: [HACKERS] Review: query result history in psql

2013-07-01 Thread Maciej Gajewski
When I tested this feature, I had 30 caches per 5 minutes, and only a few from these queries had a sense. Switch between off and on is not user friendly. I believe so there can be other solution than mine, but a possibility to friendly clean unwanted caches is necessary. If you know that

Re: [HACKERS] Review: query result history in psql

2013-07-02 Thread Maciej Gajewski
The query history is stored within the client, so once the user stops the client, it is gone. But yes, it would be useful to have some tool that would allow you to see what's in there. I could be a command (\showans ?) that would list all :ansXXX variables, together with the query text and the

Re: [HACKERS] additional json functionality

2013-11-21 Thread Maciej Gajewski
Hi everyone I used to work on a project storing large quantities of schema-less data, initially using MongoDB, then Postgres with JSON, and eventually I implemented BSON support for Postgres to get the best of both worlds: https://github.com/maciekgajewski/postgresbson I don't think that JSONB