Re: [HACKERS] SQL compatibility reminder: MySQL vs PostgreSQL

2010-03-08 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
+1 Isn´t that a good time to think to put that question into the list of things PostgreSQL doesn´t want to do? Cheers Von: Andrew Dunstan An: CC: Josh Berkus; Craig Ringer

Re: [HACKERS] Linux LSB init script

2009-09-02 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
Hello Kevin, a technical comment about line 71 and following of your shell script: # Check that we have one parameter: action if [ $# -ne 1 ] ; then if [ $# -lt 1 -o $1 = ] ] ; then log_failure_msg $0: action not specified else log_failure_msg $0: too many parameters fi

Re: [HACKERS] Version Numbering

2010-08-21 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
I don´t have any problem with PostgreSQL version numbering, to the contrary. The only thing I didn´t like was Postgres95, but I didn´t use Pg then. But since then it´s _consistent_ and I really appreciate that. I could live with, say, version 9.12.0 in a dozend years. I accept the alpha, beta

Re: [HACKERS] Bug tracker tool we need

2012-04-18 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
First of all I think a bug tracker will never be a system that is somehow loved. Bugs are things which developers hate. Bugs in a cute nice small bug house aren't nice, are they? Question: Is there a reasonable chance from may be Tom Lane's idea of a wiki to an improved (define improvements)

Re: [HACKERS] smart shutdown at end of transaction (was: Default mode for shutdown)

2012-04-30 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
Just for the ones interested in a view on another turf: In Oracle shutdown immediate is the fastest _clean_ shutdown and shutdown abort is equal to shutdown immediate in PG. The other modes are called shutdown normal and shutdown transactional. Wolfgang

Re: [HACKERS] So, is COUNT(*) fast now?

2011-10-25 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
Hello, my experience is that as soon as index only scans are available they are used - sometimes just because of the simple logic that a user thinks it is faster. Even when the index is so ridiculously long just to have all info in the index... Regards Wolfgang Wilhelm

Re: [HACKERS] [COMMITTERS] pgsql: Use gender-neutral language in documentation

2015-09-22 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
Hello all, I'm a non-native speaker and to my shame not very good in english at all. So just my 2c on the topic: "Users can make such a change for their individual sessions" is for me perfectly understandable. "any user can make such a change for their session" is for me a mixture of a

Re: [HACKERS] ISO/IEC 9075-2:2016 for postgres community

2017-01-19 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
Hi, are you looking for something like this: ? Kind Regards, Wolfgang Oleg Bartunov schrieb am 16:39 Dienstag, 17.Januar 2017: On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 6:26 PM, Alvaro Herrera

Re: [HACKERS] increasing the default WAL segment size

2016-08-24 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
Hello hackers, I'm no PG hacker, so maybe I'm completely wrong, so sorry if I have wasted your time. I try to make the best out of Tom Lanes comment. What would happen if there's a database on a server with initdb (or whatever) parameter -with-wal-size=64MB and later someone decides to make it

WG: [HACKERS] Packages: Again

2017-01-13 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
Hello, just my 2c on the topic.I work for an IT service provider as developer. Our customers are big international companies and they use Oracle a lot. My main work is with Oracle enterprise edition. I don't have to care about limitations of the smaller versions and don't have experience

Re: [HACKERS] Packages: Again

2017-01-13 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
:11 GMT+01:00 Craig Ringer <>: On 13 January 2017 at 16:49, Wolfgang Wilhelm <> wrote: > - Devs just don't want to change (some) code. Everybody seems to have code > with huge technical debt which is best not to be touched. This code

Re: [HACKERS] Re: Is anything preventing us from allowing write to foreign tables from standby?

2017-10-18 Thread Wolfgang Wilhelm
Hi guys, please help me to understand the proposal. Take a simple configuration: Two "live" systems S1 and S2 and for each of them a Replica R1 and R2. So S1 sends data to R1 and S2 to R2. S1 has foreign tables on S2 with write access, meaning you can change a few data from S1 where information