[PATCHES] Cosmetic changes

2004-10-01 Thread Euler Taveira de Oliveira
Hi, This small patch correct a hint style and change from multiple to single line comment because gettext seems not to like multiple line comments. Then we could see the translator: ... in po files too. = Euler Taveira de Oliveira euler[at]yahoo_com_br

Re: [PATCHES] LDFLAGS overriding

2004-10-01 Thread Peter Eisentraut
Reini Urban wrote: I think that LDFLAGS overriding is in some situations bad for newer libtool, as it is used with some postgresql contrib makefiles and interfaces. We're not using libtool. LIBS are added to LDFLAGS where they really should be added to LIBS, not LDFLAGS. This causes

Re: [PATCHES] SSL on win32

2004-10-01 Thread Magnus Hagander
Hello! Here is a patch to fix win32 ssl builds. Summary of changes: snip I'd appreciate it if one of the win32 guys can confirm that this patch fixes the build for them as well. Yup, looks good to me. Compiles OK and SSL appears to work just fine :-) Okay. Then please commit,

[PATCHES] [PATCH] 5 plperl patches

2004-10-01 Thread Abhijit Menon-Sen
I have attached 5 patches (split up for ease of review) to plperl.c. 1. Two minor cleanups: - We don't need to call hv_exists+hv_fetch; we should just check the return value of hv_fetch. - newSVpv(undef,0) is the string undef, not a real undef. 2. This should fix the bug Andrew

Re: [PATCHES] 8.0.0beta3 release documentation fixes for Tcl unbundling

2004-10-01 Thread L J Bayuk
On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 11:59:56AM +1000, Neil Conway wrote: On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 10:30, ljb wrote: These corrections against 8.0.0beta3 are for removal of the Tcl interface from core. Patch applied to HEAD, with some editorializing. autoconf (2.53) re-run. For future reference,

Re: [PATCHES] Preliminary patch for FRONTEND

2004-10-01 Thread Bruce Momjian
Tom Lane wrote: Bruce Momjian [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: + #include rpc/types.h What is this change for? My OS couldn't compile getaddrinfo when I tried, though my OS doesn't need getaddrinfo so maybe we shouldn't make that change. Comments? Don't put it in. That looks like the

Re: [PATCHES] Preliminary patch for FRONTEND

2004-10-01 Thread Bruce Momjian
Bruce Momjian wrote: As many know, the FRONTEND usage of /src/port is very fragile. It requires every binary that uses certain libpgport object files to create its own version, which is very fragile, and could easily break if a function call is added in a subrelease, especially on certain