Re: [PATCHES] [HACKERS] contrib/pg_buffercache

2005-04-01 Thread Neil Conway
Mark Kirkwood wrote: So, please ignore my previous patch to the header file, and consider this one - which eliminates it completely. Thanks, applied. -Neil ---(end of broadcast)--- TIP 5: Have you checked our extensive FAQ?

[PATCHES] query planner rewrite

2005-04-01 Thread Ed L.
The attached patch overhauls the query planner to store all query plans and cache all query results in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet via ODBC. Index: postgres.c === RCS file: /projects/cvsroot/pgsql/src/backend/tcop/postgres.c,v

[PATCHES] pg_autovacuum initscript

2005-04-01 Thread Olivier Thauvin
The pg_autovacuum said the best way to use it is running it from SysV initscript, but unfortunnally the works has not been made. I made it for mandrakelinux inclusion and should work on Redhat too. Feel free to adapt to your need, work fine on my configuration. See attachment. And keep the