[PATCHES] Trivial patch, silence CC warnings

2005-08-17 Thread Alvaro Herrera
The function declaration is broken. -- Alvaro Herrera (alvherre[a]alvh.no-ip.org) I dream about dreams about dreams, sang the nightingale under the pale moon (Sandman) Index: aclchk.c === RCS file:

Re: [PATCHES] Trivial patch, silence CC warnings

2005-08-17 Thread Tom Lane
Alvaro Herrera [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: #ifdef ACLDEBUG ! static dumpacl(Acl *acl) { int i; --- 53,59 #ifdef ACLDEBUG ! static void dumpacl(Acl *acl) { int i; Done, thanks. regards,

Re: [PATCHES] PATCH to allow concurrent VACUUMs to not lock each

2005-08-17 Thread Tom Lane
Just for the archives, attached is as far as I'd gotten with cleaning up Hannu's patch before I realized that it wasn't doing what it needed to do. This fixes an end-of-transaction race condition (can't unset inVacuum before xact end, unless you want OldestXmin going backwards from the point of

[PATCHES] Cleanup of to_char/from_char

2005-08-17 Thread Bruce Momjian
This applied patch replaces to_char/to_*() usage of an integer with flags to a boolean is_to_char. -- Bruce Momjian| http://candle.pha.pa.us pgman@candle.pha.pa.us | (610) 359-1001 + If your life is a hard drive, | 13 Roberts Road + Christ