Re: [PERFORM] Persistent Connections

2004-01-25 Thread Nick Barr
Hi, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi I have a php script and i make a pg_pconnect If i want to make 4-10 pg_query in that script Have i to close the connection at end of the script? (i would say yes, is it right?) If you want to make multiple pg_query's in a page you can, and you can use the same

Re: [PERFORM] Benchmarking PostgreSQL?

2004-01-25 Thread Ivan Voras
Tom Lane wrote: It is notoriously hard to get reproducible results from pgbench. However... - I'm running pgbench with 35 clients and 50 transactions/client (1) what scale factor did you use to size the database? One of the gotchas is that you need to use a scale factor at least as large as