Re: [PERFORM] High load average with PostgreSQL 7.4.2 on debian/ibm eserver.

2004-07-18 Thread Gaetano Mendola
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Whole config is available here: effective_cache_size = 4000 # typically 8KB each #random_page_cost = 4 # units are one sequential page fetch cost #cpu_tuple_cost = 0.01 # (same) #cpu_index_tuple_cost =

Re: [PERFORM] Insert are going slower ...

2004-07-18 Thread Josh Berkus
Herve' Hum ... it's only for speed aspect ... I was using postgresql with this option since 7.01 ... and for me fsync=on was so slow ... Is it really no time consuming for the system to bring it ON now with v7.4.3 ?? Well, I wouldn't do it until you've figured out the current performance