[PERFORM] Planner picks the wrong plan?

2004-10-05 Thread Nichlas Löfdahl
Hello! I'm using Postgres 7.4.5, sort_mem is 8192. Tables analyzed / vacuumed. Here's a function I'm using to get an age from the user's birthday: agey(date) - SELECT date_part('year', age($1::timestamp)) The problem is, why do the plans differ so much between Q1 Q3 below? Something with

[PERFORM] Foreign keys and partial indexes

2005-04-13 Thread Nichlas Löfdahl
Hello! I have a partial index (btree(col) WHERE col 0) on table2 ('col' contains alot of NULL-values). There's also a foreign key on the column pointing to the primary key of table1 (ON UPDATE CASCADE ON DELETE SET NULL). During update/delete, it seems like it cannot use the partial index