[Phono-L] Victor E Front Mount Horn and Crank Needed

2019-08-13 Thread kuglarb via Phono-L
Hi all.  I am looking for a nice original horn for a small Victor E rear mount phonograph.  One with a nice original decal preferred.  Also, if anyone has an original crank for this machine for sale, please let me know.  Much appreciation.Brantley KuglarSouth CarolinaSent from my Galaxy Tab® E

Re: [Phono-L] information needed

2019-08-13 Thread Bob Maffit via Phono-L
Steve: As always, thanks for the information and it is certainly appreciated. Bob Maffit From: Phono-L [mailto:phono-l-boun...@oldcrank.org] On Behalf Of SN Medved via Phono-L Sent: Monday, August 12, 2019 9:17 PM To: Antique Phonograph List Cc: SN Medved Subject: Re: [Phono-L]

[Phono-L] Arthur Fields Anthology

2019-08-13 Thread Ron L'Herault via Phono-L
Seeing the post about decals on phono-L reminded me that I wanted to post to both that list and phonolist about a new CD I received recently. It's an Arthur Fields Anthology on Archeophone. If you have more than a few 78s or DDs, you probably have one or more with a Fields vocal.I know I