Re: [Phono-L] Last Edison factory gets a reprieve

2016-10-13 Thread DanK via Phono-L
It was run successfully with Charles Edison as its president, until it merged with McGraw in 1957. (You've never seen a 'McGraw-Edison' appliance? I have a nice heater of theirs - cost me $2 at a yard sale 30 years ago, and it still cranks out the BTUs very nicely!) I am unaware of any

Re: [Phono-L] odd-sized records

2016-04-03 Thread DanK via Phono-L
Kurt Nauck's record sleeves are the finest you will find, and worthy protectors of your best records. If I could afford to buy 10,000 of them, all of my records would be in Nauckvelopes. Barring a lottery win, I intend to get enough to cover my 'odd' size records. - Original Message

Re: [Phono-L] Edison Triumph A 2/4 minute conversion kit?

2016-01-27 Thread DanK via Phono-L
My "A" was converted; I assume many were. dan Kj - Original Message - From: Richard Rubin via Phono-L To: Cc: Richard Rubin Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 6:29 PM Subject: [Phono-L] Edison Triumph A 2/4 minute conversion kit? I have heard tell here and