[PHP-CVS] com php-src: Fixed bug #63447 (max_input_vars doesn't filter variables when mbstring.encoding_translation = On): NEWS ext/mbstring/mb_gpc.c ext/mbstring/tests/bug63447_001.phpt ext/mbstring/

2012-11-07 Thread Xinchen Hui
Commit:7fcbe4d5467300a0acee78330a0cdc9d1cbf05ad Author:Xinchen Hui larue...@php.net Wed, 7 Nov 2012 17:05:24 +0800 Parents: 0ee5d18f91d731636f3ba39c7487e2a8cf04fa36 Branches: PHP-5.3 Link:

[PHP-CVS] com php-src: Merge branch 'PHP-5.3' into PHP-5.4: ext/mbstring/mb_gpc.c

2012-11-07 Thread Xinchen Hui
Commit:e222837f6eefa757619533266ed149ab5dd91940 Author:Xinchen Hui larue...@php.net Wed, 7 Nov 2012 17:08:34 +0800 Parents: 6ef09012aa2aed339109007c2caa3d0e42cbd4ee 7fcbe4d5467300a0acee78330a0cdc9d1cbf05ad Branches: PHP-5.4 Link:

[PHP-CVS] com php-src: fix NEWS: NEWS

2012-11-07 Thread Stanislav Malyshev
Commit:3e7fcd9cab1dace82b28a80097cbb3eb7b851c18 Author:Stanislav Malyshev s...@php.net Wed, 7 Nov 2012 01:18:34 -0800 Parents: e222837f6eefa757619533266ed149ab5dd91940 Branches: PHP-5.4 master Link:

[PHP-CVS] com php-src: 5.4.9 rc1: NEWS configure.in main/php_version.h

2012-11-07 Thread Stanislav Malyshev
Commit:a235033abb39708096cf8484dce82ad4954ce822 Author:Stanislav Malyshev s...@php.net Wed, 7 Nov 2012 01:23:05 -0800 Parents: 3e7fcd9cab1dace82b28a80097cbb3eb7b851c18 Branches: PHP-5.4.9 Link:

[PHP-CVS] tag php-src: create tag php-5.4.9RC1

2012-11-07 Thread Stanislav Malyshev
Tag php-5.4.9RC1 in php-src.git was created Tag: 33ff5b2793fd3cf24a8c72981a778c494272e8d0 Tagger: Stanislav Malyshevs...@php.net Wed Nov 7 01:23:46 2012 -0800 Log: 5.4.9rc1 -BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE- Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)

Re: [PHP-CVS] com php-src: These need to be volatile in order to prevent leaking after the longjmp in the error handler: ext/gd/libgd/gd_png.c

2012-11-07 Thread Rasmus Lerdorf
On 11/06/2012 12:06 PM, Nuno Lopes wrote: While I won't oppose this patch since it has no performance impact, I believe this is a bug in the compiler and not in the code below. The compiler should know about setjmp(). glibc, for example, marks that function with __attribute__((returns_twice)).

[PHP-CVS] tag php-src: create tag php-5.3.19RC1

2012-11-07 Thread Johannes Schl├╝ter
Tag php-5.3.19RC1 in php-src.git was created Tag: 98dd54e5cb31d3034ddba91099af75778a6075b3 Tagger: Johannes Schl├╝terjohan...@php.net Wed Nov 7 23:58:56 2012 +0100 Log: 5.3.19RC1 -BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE- Version: GnuPG v2.0.17 (SunOS)