RE: [PHP-DB] Re: Array help needed :-(

2002-10-08 Thread Simon Taylor
You may want to revisit your db design, but if it is like that for reason then it is simple enough to associate these items with each other in an array. Just put together a query then get the row and split it by the commas then put it into an array as follows. $ar = Array('small' = '1.99',

Re: [PHP-DB] access DB via PHP classes

2002-10-08 Thread Wilmar Perez
Well, what about building a basic class without any database conection in the constructor and then have a inherited class with the needed database conection? and then use whichever you need to generate the pages. You can even just have the basic class and execute some code in the constructor

[PHP-DB] need help

2002-10-08 Thread Frederick Belfon
I have Mysql set up on the same machine as the apache server. There is a database name inventory_db with a table product_info which have the two row id and name. I know there are three records in the table. However when ever I place this script below into a webpage I get just a blank page.

Re: [PHP-DB] need help

2002-10-08 Thread 1LT John W. Holmes
Remove all of the @ for one, so you can see if there are any errors. You're using $rs as two different variables, also. Check mysql_error() after your query to see if an error is returned. ---John Holmes... - Original Message - From: Frederick Belfon [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL

[PHP-DB] Dynamic data from user file

2002-10-08 Thread John Patrick
Greetings: I currently am using the fgetcsv function to read in fields from a user-defined file. The delimited file is read and displayed just fine. Firstly, what I'm trying to accomplish: The MySQL database has a table with about 30 fields. The user-defined file may contain only some

[PHP-DB] FLAT FILE database questions.

2002-10-08 Thread Negretti, John (CCI-San Diego)
Hello All, Well, I'm in a situation where I would like to ONLY use a flat file database. I have searched hi and low, though could not find too many resources. So, I am creating my own libraries utilizing arrays. Does anyone have any good links for FLAT FILE databases. Thanks alot.

RE: [PHP-DB] FLAT FILE database questions.

2002-10-08 Thread John W. Holmes
How about the dbm or dbase functions in the manual? You can create flat file databases with them and possibly have a little more built in functionality that you won't have to program. I've never used them, but check the manual and see if they'll suit you needs. Chapter XVII. Database (dbm-style)

Re: [PHP-DB] access DB via PHP classes

2002-10-08 Thread Ruth Zhai
Thank you again, Wilmar. As a newbie for OOP, I will keep my option open when I design this application. I have not come to a conclusion which way is better than another (I wish I had time to test all possibilities). I appreciate your comments, and will keep them in mind. Regards Ruth -

[PHP-DB] Php-Beautify

2002-10-08 Thread Russell Griechen
This program says: Extract the files and put them in a directory, where they can be executed by PHP. My Php is in C:\Program Fileswhere should I extract these files to? Russell Griechen -- PHP Database Mailing List ( To unsubscribe, visit:

[PHP-DB] Advanced search scripts

2002-10-08 Thread Adam Royle
I was wondering if anyone has some resources (links or scripts) on 'advanced site searches'. Something that is similar to the way regular search engines process requests. ie. phrase or two word +required -not included Also, returning details of that search, say for example returning 10