[PHP-DB] Illegal mix of collations (utf8_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_swedish_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '='

2005-08-01 Thread Help!
All I got by doing a search on Google are supplemental pages with no actual solution. Here's how the problem starts. 1. Entered Korean characters in a form. 2. Press submit and I receive that error. Programming Language: PHP 5.0.4 Database: MySQL 4.1.13 Operating System: Windows XP SP2

[PHP-DB] Multi Language

2005-08-01 Thread Shekhar Juneja
Hi, I am trying to make a dictionary site with multi language support. Can any one give me a quick head on for that. I mean a short cut article or anything which I can refer to turn around quick solution. Thanks in advance . Regards Shekhs -- PHP Database Mailing List (http://www.php.net/)

Re: [PHP-DB] Duplicate record

2005-08-01 Thread Hallvard
Thanks! I had already dealt with the problem using unique key, as many others suggested. However, the records (post your comment-type) doesn't have any natural key, so I had to concotinate several long text strings, which isn't nice. Could you point me in the direction of any code examples

Re: [PHP-DB] Duplicate record

2005-08-01 Thread Micah Stevens
If its a potentially long message you're storing, you can always create an MD5 sum during insertion, compare it to existing MD5 sums, and if they don't match, there's not duplicates. Just as an example, if you're inserting message and user data, first see if there's duplicates: if