Re: [PHP-DB] Expiry Date ($date function)

2005-03-02 Thread Calvin Lough
The strtotime function should work the best. $add_twentyone = strtotime(+21 days); I dont know if that will work or not. I just found that method in the php doc and it looked interesting. Hopefully it will work for you. Calvin On Wed, 2 Mar 2005 04:41:04 -0500, Ron Piggott [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [PHP-DB] mysql_num_rows

2005-03-08 Thread Calvin Lough
That means that you dont have any rows to work with. It could mean that you are not connected to the database, or the query you performed did not return any rows. Calvin On Tue, 8 Mar 2005 16:11:10 +0300, Tsegaye Woldegebriel [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear Sir or Madame, I found the following

Re: [PHP-DB] Queries close session

2005-03-14 Thread Calvin Lough
Because the session you are using probably uses a cookie to remember the session, it is required that you call session_start before you output anything to the screen(aka: send any headers). So if you place the session start at the very top of your page before you include any files or output

Re: [PHP-DB] File retrieval

2005-04-03 Thread Calvin Lough
The methods suggested above would all work but if you would like to do in one step you could use file_get_contents(). This method does not require you to open/close the file and will automatically read the entire file into your array. ?php $contents = file_get_contents(data.txt); ? Calvin On