Re: [PHP-DB] How to compare crypted password with stored in MySQL

2006-02-01 Thread Mark Bomgardner
Eduardo Bejar wrote: Hi, I have a MySQL database with encrypted passwords, that were created with: $input_password = $_POST[password]; $salt = ab; /// Salt is always two character string and the same for all $password_to_save = crypt($input_password, $salt); and then saved in MySQL with:

[PHP-DB] Future Event

2006-02-20 Thread Mark Bomgardner
Is there a way in php to execute a SELECT statement in the future? What I am wanting to do is use a page to parse a database at a future time. I want to send out some email about an event I am putting on, but I don't want to execute the select statement until 2:00am. I could use cron for

[PHP-DB] Mail Function

2006-03-01 Thread Mark Bomgardner
I have been racking my brain for the better part of a day with a simple mail function. I am trying to generate a list of events from MySQL and then use the php Mail function to email the list in an html email to a mailing list. I keep getting a parse error on a section that I can not figure

[PHP-DB] Result set in different columns

2006-04-10 Thread Mark Bomgardner
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[PHP-DB] Date Conversion

2006-05-16 Thread Mark Bomgardner
. When I go to format the month from a string to numeric with date('m',strtotime($sMonth1)); it returns 12, no matter which month I select. In reading the docs at, date('m',strtotime($sMonth1)); is correct to reformat from a string to a time format. What am I missing. mark bomgardner

[PHP-DB] Do while loop inside of mail()

2006-07-05 Thread Mark Bomgardner
MySQL 4.1/PHP 4.2 I am trying to generate a email to send to people with a list of events happening through out the month. I am pulling the email addresses from the database with no problem, but when I put the list of events inside of the mail(), it barks at the do while statment. Here is