[PHP-DB] mysql Editor

2003-06-19 Thread Michael Lewis
A free alternative that works very well is sqlyog. Google it as I don't have the url handy (it may be www.webyog.com or .org). I also use MySQL Front as it still works fine. But I'm switching over to sqlyog because I want to ensure that I am compatible with future releases of MySQL. Michael Lewis

[PHP-DB] re:[PHP-DB] Splitting Product catalog

2003-06-27 Thread Michael Lewis
=0;$i$numtoprocess;$i++) { process the record here } $start+=$i; $_SESSION['start']=$start; yada, yada, yada (put your back and next buttons here) The above code is stripped of most error checking etc., but it should give you a framework to get started. Michael Lewis -- PHP Database

[PHP-DB] Killing MSSQL Query

2003-12-02 Thread Michael Lewis
I am looking for a way to kill my current MSSQY query from an PHP script. For example, I have a page where the user picks some selection criteria, the script then constructs aa MSSQL query and executes it, 5 minutes into it the user decides, Forget about it and presses a button (ideally) to kill

[PHP-DB] mssql and resource handling

2003-12-16 Thread Michael Lewis
I have a fairly common problem that I have not been able to find the solution for in the documentation and FAQs. I have to access a MSSQL box from a LAMP box using PHP. That part works fine (thank you freetds.org). I need to display results from user queries 10 at a time with the basic NEXT and

[PHP-DB] Truncated fields

2004-01-21 Thread Michael Lewis
I'm having a problem with retrieving field data from SQL SERVER 2000 and am not sure where the problem lies. I have a variable length field (from 100 - 1 characters). When I retrieve the field using a select statement, then into a PHP variable such as $text=$r['body_text'], then the field

Re: [PHP-DB] Truncated fields

2004-01-21 Thread Michael Lewis
John, I'm getting much more than 255 characters. The field is not varchar but a text field. I've looked into FREETDS as the most likely source of the problem but haven't found anything yet. Michael Michael Lewis wrote: I'm having a problem with retrieving field data from SQL SERVER 2000

[PHP-DB] odd behavior

2004-04-03 Thread Michael Lewis
I am having a very odd problem trying to encapsulate a library that isolates the underlying backend DB (I have to support both mssql and mysql with the same front end). I have isolated the offending code as follows: $resb=sql_QUERY($sql); $recds=num_ROWS($resb); When the num_ROWS

[PHP-DB] Odd behavior

2004-04-03 Thread Michael Lewis
Okay, problem solved. I've been looking at the code for so long that it was too obvious to see. The or die was the culprit. Just a reminder that one should watch cutting and pasting. Thanks to anyone who used any brain time on this. Michael -- PHP Database Mailing List (http://www.php.net/) To