RE: [PHP-DB] Subquery

2005-09-18 Thread Opec Kemp
It doesn't work because MySQL version 3.23.50 does not support sub-select statement. And How to re-write it in MySQL 4.1 Nandar wrote on Monday, 19 September 2005 1:03 PM: i hope

RE: [PHP-DB] Re: crosstab for MS SQL

2002-12-28 Thread Opec Kemp [ q u a s a r z ]
Hi, I don't think you can do that with MS SQL, it doesn't support TRASFORN, I think that's strictly Access syntax. MS SQL 7 and up does have ROLLUP etc but that's part of the OLAP service, which you will only get if you have Enterprise edition (read $$ :)). The easiest way to get out of this

RE: [PHP-DB] transaction locking

2003-12-05 Thread Opec Kemp [ q u a s a r z ]
Hi, Aleks Kalynovych wrote: I have a couple forms that generate a unique ID based on taking the highest number in the ID column adding 1 to its value. The problem is that I dont save that number until the form is submitted. If 2 or more persons fill out the form at the same time they all