Re: [PHP-DB] MySQL stored procedures OUT or INOUT parameters

2008-10-11 Thread Post TUDBC
TUDBC has recently moved to open-source GPL, similar to how MySQL works. (You probably got the impression that it had proprietary license, maybe because some the obsolete webpages still referred to the old license, so I have corrected those obsolete web pages.) I am not familiar with FOSS, but my

Re: [PHP-DB] PDO bindValue ORDER BY

2008-11-01 Thread Post TUDBC
); $sql = SELECT * FROM `table` ORDER BY `$sort`; which makes me queasy because I spent a lot of time getting away from inlining variables in SQL statements. On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 6:46 PM, Post TUDBC [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Technically, bound parameter is expecting a value