Re: [PHP-DB] How to migrate Oracle 4.01 database?

2001-03-09 Thread Rouvas Stathis
Oracle.4.01!!! That's a blast from the past!!! Best bet: export everything and import into Ora.8i. It worked for me doing an Ora.6.xx to Ora. migration:-) GOOD LUCK. -Stathis. wrote: Hi, I have a database based on Oracle 4.01. Now I want to migrate it to Oracle 8i. Does anyone

Re: [PHP-DB] PHP/Oracle/mod_ssl/Apache

2001-03-12 Thread Rouvas Stathis
Hi Steve, if you use OciPLogon to connect to ORA, bad luck. Replace with OCiLogon and your problesm are gone. Of course, *always* remember to ocilogoff() your open connections. In my experience OCIPLogon is broken. It never closes open connections to ora, instead it waits for them to timeout,

Re: [PHP-DB] Transmitting Arrays

2001-03-21 Thread Rouvas Stathis
I don't think that serialize/unserialize was meant to be used that way. I would try WDDX which is specifically designed for the web. -Stathis. Mick Lloyd wrote: Mark I've had similar problems in the past. It's my understanding that you can't pass arrays between scripts, except when using

Re: [PHP-DB] Oracle8i, PHP4, Apache

2001-03-31 Thread Rouvas Stathis
Define necessary env vars in Apache startup script. putenv has no effect after httpd has started. Good Luck, -Stathis. Martin Lustig wrote: Hi all, i have a trouble with settiong of environment for apache web server with php and oracle8i database. My connection to the database from php

Re: [PHP-DB] Oracle Client to connect to remote DB

2001-06-29 Thread Rouvas Stathis
If you can find it, try Ora.8.0.5. It is the last version of Oracle that I know that doesn't require X-session to install. -Stathis. Mindblender wrote: Do you know if the Oracle client can beinstalled via the command line? I don't have access to the box itself, only telnet access. Jeff

Re: [PHP-DB] problems connecting to remote oracle database

2001-07-01 Thread Rouvas Stathis
From Oracle manual : ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied Cause: An invalid username or password was entered in an attempt to log on to Oracle. The username and password must be the same as was specified in a GRANT CONNECT statement. If the username and password are entered

Re: [PHP-DB] Persistent connection Oracle 8.0.5 and PHP 4.0.6

2001-07-17 Thread Rouvas Stathis
Try using OciPLogon instead of OciLogon. -Stathis. Jean Castonguay wrote: Hi, I try to make a persistent connection with Oracle because I retrieve information in Oracle but each call I login and it's so long. Is it possible to keep the first connection all the times before i close it.

Re: [PHP-DB] Format of date retrieved from Oracle8

2001-10-02 Thread Rouvas Stathis
Hi, SELECT TO_CHAR(FIELD,'DD/MM/ HH24:MI:SS') FROM TABLE -Stathis. Karsten Dambekalns wrote: Hi everybody, I have a PHP application using an Oracle database. This database has been built before the application was rewritten in PHP, so I couldn't switch to MySQL :-/ Now the

Re: [PHP-DB] PHP and OCI NLS behaviour

2002-04-16 Thread Rouvas Stathis
Hi, place appropriate NLS_LANG definitions in the Apache startup script (/etc/rc.d/apache ?). -Stathis. Miguel Carvalho wrote: Hi, First of all i have searched for this trouble on the news(; on Oracle docson phpbuilder site; in php general, php db mailing list's .

Re: [PHP-DB] PHP and OCI NLS behaviour

2002-04-18 Thread Rouvas Stathis
HI, I use SuSE.6.4 with Ora.8.1.6/PHP.4.0.6. For a while, it used to be PHP/4.1.2, but I reverted to PHP/4.0.6 because of other non-Ora related problems. /etc/rc.d/apache startup script extract below extract # # set values for Oracle (need to recompile mod_php with Oracle support) # export