Re: [PHP-DB] date to Y-M-D

2003-03-25 Thread CPT John W. Holmes
function datetoymd($date){ $dateymd = date('Y-m-d',$date); return $dateymd; } this function when output gives me the date 1970-01-01 (date of the unix timestamp start) so, ehm, why!? Because you're not passing a valid Unix timestamp or whatever your passing is empty. ---John Holmes...

RE: [PHP-DB] date to Y-M-D

2003-03-25 Thread Snijders, Mark
ehmmm what kind of dates do you use, maybe dates of birth? when using date of unix timestamp you can't have dates befor 1970 so if those timestamps represents an older date you can't use timestamps! -mark- -Oorspronkelijk bericht- Van: David Rice [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]