Re: [PHP-DEV] Is this a bug?

2003-03-25 Thread Chris Shiflett
--- Tony Bibbs [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Are there instances you all can think of where doing a header('location: $url'); causes a loss of all session data? This is most likely not a bug. You can (hopefully) find more people to help with this type of question on [EMAIL PROTECTED] Good luck.

Re: [PHP-DEV] PHP Bug #17868: Multiple Includes

2003-01-20 Thread Chris Shiflett
--- Maxim Maletsky [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Michael D. Petersen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote... : I have been following PHP Bug #17868 for some time now (since upgrading to Red Hat 8.0 and Apache 2.0) with quite a bit of interest. This is the bug where multiple include statements don't

[PHP-DEV] Digest Authentication Extension

2002-12-15 Thread Chris Shiflett
Is anyone working on an extension for digest authentication? If not, I think I will write one. While I am on the topic, what about basic authentication? Yes, I know people get by with header() and doing it manually, but I could just make the extension cover both basic and digest, where the users

Re: [PHP-DEV] Cookie Session Problem

2002-12-06 Thread Chris Shiflett
--- Michael Conroy [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm using cookies for a php session. The problem i'm having is that the session id is showing up in the url when a user moves to the next page in the site, but then after that it stop showing up in the url (the way it should be). I don't want the

Re: [PHP-DEV] Capturing headers with output buffering?

2002-11-24 Thread Chris Shiflett
You can probably learn a lot by example. There is a pretty complete HTTP server written in PHP available here: Chris -- PHP Development Mailing List To unsubscribe, visit:

Re: [PHP-DEV] error reporting for PHP5

2002-11-21 Thread Chris Shiflett
I quite like Maxim's ideas myself. +1 --- Maxim Maletsky [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I will start laying out some my thoughts to hopefully get a discussion towards working on the complete error reporting logic. I had an extensive experience implementing custom errors, so approve or disapprove

RE: [PHP-DEV] error handling

2002-11-20 Thread Chris Shiflett
--- John Coggeshall [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: See, the problem that I'm seeing here is that I don't believe PHP is reponsible for setting the error code returned by PHP.. For instance, a 404 error isn't handle by PHP at all. Likewise, I don't think PHP can say turn this into a 500 error to

Re: [PHP-DEV] CVS Account Request: mrioux

2002-11-05 Thread Chris Shiflett
Out of curiosity - why is this? I assume it is because such an extension would somehow be required to be covered under the GPL as well, but I don't understand that. Shouldn't it be possible for the PHP extension's code to be licensed any license and simply use a GPL library? The extension's

Re: [PHP-DEV] I hope this is the last email about this :)

2002-10-27 Thread Chris Shiflett
I vote we leave it on. Chris Zeev Suraski wrote: Thank you for the detailed explanation, I'm sure everybody understands it now. Let's go for the voting phase. I vote we keep PHP-CLI with implicit_flush on by default. You vote against. Can we get some other votes now (not opinions,


2002-10-16 Thread Chris Shiflett
While I think it is a bit unintuitive to have $_FILES separate like it is (rather than a part of $_POST, for example), I think it would be much worse to also separate it from $_REQUEST. After all, as Sterling pointed out, it is part of the request. Chris Derick Rethans wrote: On Wed, 16 Oct

Re: [PHP-DEV] short_open_tag

2002-10-15 Thread Chris Shiflett
I'm -1 on removing short tags, whether now or for PHP5. I use a Web host that allows short tags, and I can do this to add my XML header to be XHTML compliant: ? echo ?xml version=\1.0\ encoding=\iso-8859-1\ ?\n; ? Yes, perhaps it is slightly annoying to not just be able to write the ?xml ...


2002-10-15 Thread Chris Shiflett
Out of curiosity, why are files treated differently than all other form variables submitted via POST? We don't have $_TEXT, $_RADIO, etc. Maybe there is a good reason, but it seems counter-intuitive to me. Chris Sterling Hughes wrote: On Wed, 2002-10-16 at 04:45, Jani Taskinen wrote: On


2002-10-15 Thread Chris Shiflett
another (those using $_REQUEST), unless I'm missing something ... Chris Rasmus Lerdorf wrote: Because there is more data associated with a file upload than just a single piece. On Tue, 15 Oct 2002, Chris Shiflett wrote: Out of curiosity, why are files treated differently than all other form


2002-10-15 Thread Chris Shiflett
Thanks, I see your point now. I like the solution 2, even though it is a bit ugly. Sterling Hughes wrote: On Wed, 2002-10-16 at 05:35, Chris Shiflett wrote: Is the thought here that no one will be depending on the weird format of the $_REQUEST array as mentioned in the bug report

Re: [PHP-DEV] form variables

2002-09-19 Thread Chris Shiflett
You should direct these types of problems to [EMAIL PROTECTED] You will find many people eager to help. As for your problem try this: echo $_GET[action]; Happy hacking. Chris Sean wrote: I have inherited the support of a PHP website that doesn't seem to be recognizing the data from the

Re: [PHP-DEV] Seeking Comments - Regarding header()

2002-06-22 Thread Chris Shiflett
I have a few sites where I deliberately violate the HTTP spec in this way to get around a bug in IE (I know, shame on me). I've been using relative URLs in a Location header for years with no crashes that I know of. There must be something unique in your configuration. Have you mentioned

[PHP-DEV] Seeking Comments - Regarding header()

2002-06-20 Thread Chris Shiflett
A topic was brought up on PHP general that the Location header should change the HTTP response code to 304 rather than 302. Rasmus suggested that this person submit a patch, and that it would be considered. I decided to look into this a bit more. A 302 response code seems more appropriate as

Re: [PHP-DEV] problem with post data

2002-06-18 Thread Chris Shiflett
The reason for this is most likely that your PHP configuration is not setup to create global variables for data contained in a POST. You'll probably find more help on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list. This list is for the development of PHP only. Chris rang pheng wrote: Hi. I'm Rang. Now

Re: [PHP-DEV] PECL != Siberia

2002-06-11 Thread Chris Shiflett
Dan Allen wrote: Call me arrogant, but just use Linux for crying out loud. OK. You're being arrogant. Doesn't this debate make it clear that windows just sux when it comes to doing anything remotely complicated. IMHO. I had to say it. But if you feel that you have all the time in the

Re: [PHP-DEV] errno-13 Persmission Denied

2002-06-05 Thread Chris Shiflett
A directory has to have execute privileges for you to be able to do anything within it. A mode of 666 does not have execute privileges for anyone, while 777 does. Chris --- Anil Garg [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I am trying to upload a file in to a directory(which has mode 666) It gives

Re: [PHP-DEV] PHP web farms (i.e. why msession or something likeit)

2002-05-29 Thread Chris Shiflett
I agree. Though I know we want to stay well away from bundling anything unnecessary with a base PHP installation, more sophisticated session support seems well warranted, possibly even enough to extend the capabilities of PHP's current built-in session management *and* include msession in

Re: [PHP-DEV] PHP web farms (i.e. why msession or something likeit)

2002-05-25 Thread Chris Shiflett
I probably don't have the background on msession that I need to make an intelligent comment, but here is an opinion of mine that is relatively on-topic. The regular session implementation in PHP is extremely flexible, right? Sure, since you can write your own functions to do things such as

Re: [PHP-DEV] PHP web farms (i.e. why msession or something likeit)

2002-05-25 Thread Chris Shiflett
Daniel Lorch wrote: I'd like to make a suggestion here: What do you think of splitting up the current PHP Manual into three major parts: 1. Developing in PHP (for PHP users) 2. Extending PHP 3. PHP for System Administrators Part 3 would cover all topics interesting only to a system

Re: [PHP-DEV] Safe Mode

2002-05-11 Thread Chris Shiflett
Zeev Suraski wrote: At 20:17 11/05/2002, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote: Ideally every ISP would use it and each virtual host would have such a directory. In reality I've set to see a SINGLE ISP that has used that option. In fact I didn't know about it myself until you told me about on IRC.

Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: Bug #17128 Updated: lstat (mis)behaves exactlylike stat

2002-05-09 Thread Chris Shiflett
Yasuo Ohgaki wrote: Andrew Rice wrote: ID: 17128 Updated by: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reported By: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Status: Open Bug Type: Filesystem function related Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 PHP Version: 4.2.0 New

Re: [PHP-DEV] ?= and %= both work, why not ?php=

2002-04-26 Thread Chris Shiflett
Perhaps if it were a computer making these assumptions, yes. But anyone with half a brain can see that ?php echo 'Hello'; ? is much easer to understand for someone with no programming experience, than: ?php='Hello'?. Agreed, Sterling. I can't understand why this is so difficult to realize.

Re: [PHP-DEV] cvs: ext/baby

2002-03-06 Thread Chris Shiflett
Woo hoo! Congratulations, Rasmus! Chris On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote: -1,2 +1,6 Christine Lerdorf Rasmus Lerdorf +Buster (working name only) Lerdorf +Born 13:26 PDT Wednesday March 6, 2002 +Weight: 9.0 pounds +Length: 19.25 inches -- PHP Development Mailing

Re: [PHP-DEV] FW: Response.redirect!!!

2002-02-22 Thread Chris Shiflett
Maybe suggest to our friend that he learn some HTTP. It sounds to me like he just wants to do a protocol-level redirect. Of course, it's a bit difficult to discern anything useful, but that's what I got out of it. Of course, PHP already allows this, but it's not disguised as a proprietary

Re: [PHP-DEV] Bug #15415: [VOTE] case sensitive function/class namesfor PHP5

2002-02-06 Thread Chris Shiflett
NO On 7 Feb 2002 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Operating system: ANY PHP version: 4.1.1 PHP Bug Type: Feature/Change Request Bug description: [VOTE] case sensitive function/class names for PHP5 Please vote YES if you *LIKE* case sensitive

Re: [PHP-DEV] Bug #15415: [VOTE] case sensitive function/class namesfor PHP5

2002-02-06 Thread Chris Shiflett
Actually he (read: I) didn't read the whole email; I've developed this habit of ignoring all but the content section of emails sent to this list. Sorry :) On 6 Feb 2002, Lars Torben Wilson wrote: On Wed, 2002-02-06 at 17:34, Chris Shiflett wrote: NO I think he meant to vote using

[PHP-DEV] Developer Seeking To Help

2002-02-03 Thread Chris Shiflett
improve performance and ease development, especially for inexperienced developers (see a trend? :)). I know there are also mundane tasks that need accomplishing, and I would be more than willing to help with some of these as well. Best regards. Chris Shiflett [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- PHP

Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: Developer Seeking To Help

2002-02-03 Thread Chris Shiflett
? If it is open status, can I safely assume it's not been investigated by a member of the PHP development team? Thanks for the information. Chris Hello, Chris Shiflett wrote: I know there are also mundane tasks that need accomplishing, and I would be more than willing to help with some

[PHP-DEV] CVS Account Request: shiflett

2002-02-03 Thread Chris Shiflett
Initially, I want a CVS account in order to be able to close bugs. Perhaps I can save other developers valuable time by eliminating bogus bugs or better explaining the problem for legitimate ones. I eventually want to contribute regularly to PHP itself, initially dealing with all things