[PHP-DEV] Is this a bug?

2003-03-25 Thread Tony Bibbs
is that I may not be accounting for some ingrained PHP handling and that this isn't a bug but I can't be sure. If required, I can submit the offending code but I'll hold off in case there is an obvious answer. -- Tony Bibbs I guess you have to remember that those who don't [EMAIL

[PHP-DEV] 4.2.3pre1

2002-10-21 Thread Tony Bibbs
All this on a Dell Inspiron 5000 running RH7.3. I compiled PHP apache module just fine. Compiling it as a CGI I get: gcc: sapi/cli/php_cli.o: No such file or directory gcc: sapi/cli/getopt.o: No such file or directory This a bug or did I miss something? --Tony -- PHP Development Mailing