Re: [PHP-DEV] mbstring and 4.3.0

2002-11-07 Thread Marcus Boerger
To make php be easier usable in non US-ASCII (127chars) environments especially those requiring UCS-2, UTF-8 or other any character mapping other than iso-8859-1 or -15 we should more likly try to integrate mbstring fully in php. As long as we cannot or want not make it a core component such as

[PHP-DEV] dba and db extensions

2002-11-06 Thread Marcus Boerger
Hi Markus, The main difference left between dba and db is that dba does not do any locking. We could easily add this by copying the necessary parts from the db extension. However we would need to change the resource type to also keep the lock information. Otherwise a crashed php or one that does

Re: [PHP-DEV] PHP CLI environment variables

2002-11-06 Thread Marcus Boerger
Does ini setting variables_order include E? At 13:30 06.11.2002, Kjartan Mannes wrote: I just tried using php-cli from the latest cvs and am a little confused by the placement of shell environment variables. $_ENV is empty, but the values are stored in $HTTP_SERVER_VARS and $_SERVER. Is this

[PHP-DEV] empty variables_order, was PHP CLI environment variables

2002-11-06 Thread Marcus Boerger
When ini setting variables_order is empty there are memory leaks in cgi as well as cli version. See below: marcus [marcus@zaphod marcus]$ echo ?php var_dump($_ENV);? | /usr/src/php4-ZE1/sapi/cgi/php-cgi /home/marcus/-(1) : Warning - Wrong parameter count for var_dump() Status: 200 Content-type:

Re: [PHP-DEV] empty variables_order, was PHP CLI environment variables

2002-11-06 Thread Marcus Boerger
was relayed) /usr/src/php4-HEAD/main/main.c(1213) : Freeing 0x40936CC8 (16 bytes), script=- At 13:58 06.11.2002, Melvyn Sopacua wrote: At 13:52 6-11-2002, Marcus Boerger wrote: When ini setting variables_order is empty there are memory leaks in cgi as well as cli version. See below: marcus

[PHP-DEV] Re: Manual page suggestions (was: dba_open...)

2002-11-06 Thread Marcus Boerger
: On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Marcus Boerger wrote: It return false on failure as documented. I feel we should use this for all functions where any failure results in false. This way users easily know that they must check for func()!==false That's something to bring up for discussion but right now it's

[PHP-DEV] shtool update to 1.6.2?

2002-11-06 Thread Marcus Boerger
...'. The arguments to option -f were not evaluated correctly. [Ralf S. Engelschall] *) Support bold font on 'cygwin' terminals. [Marcus Boerger [EMAIL PROTECTED]] *) Try the terminal 'init' sequence before 'reset' for bold mode restoring in order to make sure

[PHP-DEV] TSRM compiler warnings

2002-11-05 Thread Marcus Boerger
Could someone with karma please commit following patch or give me karma for tsrm? It would silence all those warnings at once: /usr/src/php4-HEAD/TSRM/TSRM.c: In function `tsrm_startup': /usr/src/php4-HEAD/TSRM/TSRM.c:124: warning: left-hand operand of comma expression has no effect

[PHP-DEV] Re: [PHP-CVS] cvs: php4 /ext/standard ftp_fopen_wrapper.c

2002-11-05 Thread Marcus Boerger
At 15:32 05.11.2002, Wez Furlong wrote: Hi Marcus, I'm assuming that it's a warning about result being uninitialized; if that is the case, lets just initialize it to zero in it's declaration. Yes. It did it there so that further warnings may arise. The cleanup code in errexit: inspects the

Re: [PHP-DEV] apache_hooks

2002-11-03 Thread Marcus Boerger
At 09:52 03.11.2002, Edin Kadribasic wrote: On Saturday 02 November 2002 23:58, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote: What do you think would be the best way to make the apache_hooks code more accessible to people? A tarball with the relevant files that overwrites the standard files, or perhaps it is time to

[PHP-DEV] Re: [PHP-CVS] cvs: php4 / run-tests.php

2002-11-03 Thread Marcus Boerger
Maybe we should add those two settings also to the default overwrites since you can easily fail all tests by this simple settings and mbstring module as well as output buffering are checked elsewhere. marcus Index: run-tests.php ===

Re: [PHP-DEV] Tests and output handler (Re: [PHP-QA] Test results)

2002-11-03 Thread Marcus Boerger
As i wrote already in another mail nearly all tests are affected by this. Try a php.ini with output_handler=mb_string mbstring.http_output=UCS-2LE marcus At 09:42 03.11.2002, Moriyoshi Koizumi wrote: Forgot to send CC to dev list...

Re: [PHP-DEV] [PATCH] A fix for OnUpdate_zlib_output_compression

2002-11-03 Thread Marcus Boerger
Yes please commit At 21:21 03.11.2002, Moriyoshi Koizumi wrote: The attached patch is a fix for misbehaviour of OnUpdate_zlib_output_compression. Without this patch, test cases always fail complaining Cannot use both zlib.output_compression and output_handler together!! when output_handler is

[PHP-DEV] run-test output

2002-11-02 Thread Marcus Boerger
I would prefer using ob_end_clean() instead of ob_implicit_flush(). This way what ever settings one uses you can see the progress of the tests. marcus cvs -z3 -q diff run-tests.php (in directory S:\php4-HEAD\) Index: run-tests.php

[PHP-DEV] Missing info about configure

2002-11-02 Thread Marcus Boerger
Perhaps someone should add the missing info for configure here. marcus cvs -z3 -q diff tsrm.m4 (in directory S:\php4-ZE1\TSRM\) Index: tsrm.m4 === RCS file: /repository/TSRM/tsrm.m4,v retrieving revision 1.14 diff -u -r1.14 tsrm.m4

Re: [PHP-DEV] ODBTP, a possible solution for MS-SQL and other databases

2002-11-02 Thread Marcus Boerger
At 18:38 02.11.2002, Robert Twitty wrote: Hello (NOTE: This message was originally posted to PHP-DB, but I was told that PHP-DEV was a more appropriate place) I have been using PHP for about 9 months, and have chosen it as my primary scripting language for web applications. I have and still

[PHP-DEV] Re: [PHP-CVS] cvs: php4 / run-tests.php

2002-11-02 Thread Marcus Boerger
You can now use php run-test.php ext/whatever At 22:48 02.11.2002, you wrote: helly Sat Nov 2 16:48:06 2002 EDT Modified files: /php4 run-tests.php Log: -allow parameters to be directories -${dir} - $dir Index: php4/run-tests.php diff -u php4/run-tests.php:1.108

[PHP-DEV] ext/imap finding libraries

2002-11-01 Thread Marcus Boerger
The following patch allows to find the kerberos libraries to be found in /usr, /usr/local, /usr/kerberos and a given path. If there are no objections i will commit this. marcus cvs -z3 -q diff ext\imap\config.m4 (in directory S:\php4-HEAD\) Index: ext/imap/config.m4

Re: [PHP-DEV] RE: [PHP-QA] 64-bit SGI account offer

2002-11-01 Thread Marcus Boerger
What about an additional cronjob for automated builds which could then be included in This way all of us could verify the build results? marcus At 12:18 01.11.2002, Sebastian Nohn wrote: -Original Message- From: Seth Price [mailto:sprice;] Sent: Friday,

Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: [PATCH] run-tests.php

2002-11-01 Thread Marcus Boerger
At 18:44 01.11.2002, Ilia A. wrote: On November 1, 2002 12:23 pm, John Coggeshall wrote: Wait wait wait.. I think I've been misunderstood... I'm not talking about the version 4.3 release, and yes we are working on the web edition of the test script.. However, Shane (rightly so, IMHO)

[PHP-DEV] ZE2 configure

2002-11-01 Thread Marcus Boerger
The build system complains that LIBZEND_DLSYM_CHECK is not available. Should this be provided in Zend/Zend.m4? marcus cvs -z3 -q diff Zend\Zend.m4 (in directory S:\php4-HEAD\) Index: Zend/Zend.m4 === RCS file:

Re: [PHP-DEV] ext/imap finding libraries

2002-11-01 Thread Marcus Boerger
Your version is a bit nicer work, too. marcus At 17:46 01.11.2002, Jani Taskinen wrote: I've added similar patch. Please test. :) (I don't have kerberos enabled in my c-client lib) --Jani On Fri, 1 Nov 2002, Marcus Boerger wrote: The following patch allows to find the kerberos

Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: [PHP-CVS] cvs: php4 /ext/standard css.c

2002-11-01 Thread Marcus Boerger
At 01:40 02.11.2002, Stig S. Bakken wrote: On Wed, 2002-10-09 at 09:35, Yasuo Ohgaki wrote: Colin Viebrock wrote: I really think the best solution (not perfect, but best) is to specify some fonts so the pages look nice, and hard code in the ISO-8859-1 font hard code in the ISO-8859-1 font

[PHP-DEV] building with cygwin/ssh

2002-10-30 Thread Marcus Boerger
When building php on a remote machine using cygwin+ssh the terminal name is 'cygwin' and cannot be detected by shtool. However it works when using settings from vt100. I maild this to the developer but did not get any feedback yet... marcus cvs -z3 -q diff build\shtool (in directory

[PHP-DEV] php/ext/xslt and TSRM

2002-10-30 Thread Marcus Boerger
What about removing all TSRMLS_FETCH() and instead passing TSRM parameters in php_xslt struct? marcus -- PHP Development Mailing List To unsubscribe, visit:

Re: [PHP-DEV] php/ext/xslt and TSRM

2002-10-30 Thread Marcus Boerger
At 15:54 30.10.2002, Melvyn Sopacua wrote: At 15:10 30-10-2002, Marcus Boerger wrote: What about removing all TSRMLS_FETCH() and instead passing TSRM parameters in php_xslt struct? Before you do that, I'd rather you wait untill after the weekend - unless there's a compelling reason not too

RE: [PHP-DEV] php/ext/xslt and TSRM

2002-10-30 Thread Marcus Boerger
/sablotron maintanence issues. dave -Original Message- From: Marcus Boerger [mailto:marcus.boerger;] Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2002 7:38 AM To: Melvyn Sopacua Cc: Sterling Hughes; [EMAIL PROTECTED]; David Viner Subject: Re: [PHP-DEV] php/ext/xslt and TSRM At 15:54 30.10.2002

Re: [PHP-DEV] Bug #20175 (Static vars can't store ref to new instance)

2002-10-30 Thread Marcus Boerger
Attached you see it as a .phpt file (but where is the difference between your ZE1/2 results). Part 2: bar_static() is the test that failed in bug20175 but i think the way Zend Engine 1.1/2 do it now is correct because they return copies. Part 3: indeed seems to be an error. Because the manual

[PHP-DEV] error_prepend_string error_append_string

2002-10-29 Thread Marcus Boerger
Why use error_prepend_string error_append_string OnUndateStringUnempty? Shouldn`t they use OnUpdateString instead what is wanted in run-tests.php? marcus -- PHP Development Mailing List To unsubscribe, visit:

[PHP-DEV] RFC: run-tests.php errors/warnings

2002-10-29 Thread Marcus Boerger
I think we need to discuss the behaviour of run-tests.php according too error/warning handling a bit. First question (let me know if i am wrong): Any error/warning/ notice in a test result is either expected or a real error. To make that clear: Yes some tests failed after i made those visible

[PHP-DEV] domxml memory leak

2002-10-29 Thread Marcus Boerger
The following fixes the memory leak of domxml002.phpt test. marcus cvs -z3 -q diff php_domxml.c (in directory S:\php4-HEAD\ext\domxml\) Index: php_domxml.c === RCS file: /repository/php4/ext/domxml/php_domxml.c,v retrieving revision

[PHP-DEV] functions in time.c

2002-10-29 Thread Marcus Boerger
Shouldn't microtime and gettimeofday be unavailable when HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY is undefined? PHP_FUNCTION(microtime) { #ifdef HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY ... #endif RETURN_FALSE; } PHP_FUNCTION(gettimeofday) { #ifdef HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY ... #endif RETURN_FALSE; } -- PHP Development Mailing List

[PHP-DEV] ZE2 questions

2002-10-23 Thread Marcus Boerger
Why doesn't the function zend_list_insert expect a TSRM parameter and instead calls TSRMLS_FETCH()? marcus -- PHP Development Mailing List To unsubscribe, visit:

[PHP-DEV] Problems compiling HEAD

2002-10-19 Thread Marcus Boerger
I can no longer compile CVS version. See log: [...] Thank you for using PHP. gcc -Iext/zlib/ -I/usr/src/php4-HEAD/ext/zlib/ -DPHP_ATOM_INC -I/usr/src [...] -DZTS -c /usr/src/php4-HEAD/ext/zlib/zlib.c -o ext/zlib/zlib.o echo ext/zlib/zlib.lo In file included from

[PHP-DEV] poweroff for some days

2002-10-04 Thread Marcus Boerger
I am moving to my new flat no and therefore beeing offline for some days. They said internet is back on wednesday but who knows... Hope i did not leave anything important open. I already had to poweroff linux and no shutting the rest of my stuff. marcus -- PHP Development Mailing List

[PHP-DEV] ZTS and tests problem

2002-10-03 Thread Marcus Boerger
I do not know why but i get the following error messages when running tests: Warning: Cannot get the virtual filepath of /usr/src/php4-HEAD/pear/PHPDoc in /usr/src/php4-HEAD/run-tests.php on line 160 /usr/src/php4-HEAD/run-tests.php(160) : Warning - Cannot get the virtual filepath of


2002-09-11 Thread Marcus Boerger
Why is README.TESTING no longer in the repository? I just updated the file but... marcus -- PHP Development Mailing List To unsubscribe, visit:

[PHP-DEV] developing with php

2002-08-28 Thread Marcus Boerger
Nothing happened to my idea (with was agreed by some others) to have developers list send an initial email to new users that clearyfies the difference between developer list and user list, which then can be used to get access to either one upone reply. I now have another easier idea. We have the

[PHP-DEV] cgi and mod_php

2002-08-28 Thread Marcus Boerger
Hi Sascha is ther a waay to build three modules, in particular i want to build cli, cgi and the apache module. regards marcus -- PHP Development Mailing List To unsubscribe, visit:

[PHP-DEV] error_log()

2002-08-26 Thread Marcus Boerger
During analysis of error_log i remembered it's lack to be integrated in php_error() mechanism. We could implement behaviour 5 and emit an E_USER_xxx message with the name of the user function being executed. Any comments? marcus -- PHP Development Mailing List To

[PHP-DEV] UltraEdit

2002-08-26 Thread Marcus Boerger
Anybody working with UltraEdit may like the following function detection: /Function String = ^{PHPAPI[ ^t]+^}^{^}^(PHP[A-Z_]+FUNCTION([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)^) It detects all PHP__FUNCTION with the names of the defined functions. Today i found having this VERY usefull :-) marcus -- PHP

[PHP-DEV] ob_start() and objects

2002-08-25 Thread Marcus Boerger
To have ob_start() working again i first allowed array(object,method). In addition to that i allowed single objects to be passed which results in calling __output_handler() method of that object. You can now use: ob_start(string) ob_start(object) ob_start(array(object,method))

[PHP-DEV] RFC: run-tests.php + diff

2002-08-21 Thread Marcus Boerger
The following patch produces *.diff files similar to diff command. These would allow for easier checks in faild tests when test combines multiple function checks in one test file or the test uses var_dump for output. For example i changed precision to 13 in array test 003.phpt The tests now

[PHP-DEV] NO C++ comments

2002-08-20 Thread Marcus Boerger
Hi, the following is a list of files containing C++ comments. Comments to files note why there is no problem with C++ comments. Maybe those involved in the development of these files change the comments. To find C++ comments easier it may be a good idea to have CODING_STANDARS added like this:

[PHP-DEV] session memory leaks

2002-08-20 Thread Marcus Boerger
I just checked out a fresh copy of php4 with zend1.3 but unfortuanetly the errors i had in php4/zend2 + changes are there too. As i do not understand why there are memory leaks i hope someone can help. /usr/src/php4/ext/session/session.c(568) : Freeing 0x40922D30 (16 bytes),

[PHP-DEV] mbstring and html encode/const structs

2002-07-31 Thread Marcus Boerger
Hi, i have changed two things in ext/mbstring: 1) i changed all structs to be const to prevent compiler warnings and programming errors. 2) i implemented a html encoding. at this time i have input decoding simply as a pass by and output encoding that produces named or numeric entities for

[PHP-DEV] ZendEngine2 and $argc,$argv

2002-06-24 Thread Marcus Boerger
Since i use ZendEngine2 i cannot use global $argc,$argv. Example: function somefunction() { global $argc, $argv; } worked before ZE2, PHP-3.0-dev now i get: Fatal error - Can't assign by reference non-referencable value! function somefunction() { $argc = $GLOBALS['argc'];

[PHP-DEV] Difference between sprintf, snprintf and spprintf

2002-06-22 Thread Marcus Boerger
Proposal comment for spprintf/snprintf header. When nobody objects i commit this to spprintf.h and make a notice in snprintf.h. /* Comparing: sprintf, snprintf, spprintf sprintf offers the ability to make a lot of falures since it does not know the size of the buffer it uses.

[PHP-DEV] main/main.c question

2002-06-22 Thread Marcus Boerger
1) Do we need the call to ts_resource? If so we could remove sapi_globals as we don't use it. If not we can remove the whole line which works fine for me. 2) One more warning in uninitialized dummy_track_vars_array regards marcus cvs -z3 -q diff main\main.c (in directory S:\php4\) Index:

[PHP-DEV] Thread safety global strings

2002-04-12 Thread Marcus Boerger
Correct me if i am wrong: We have a macros that garantees thread safety for module globals TSRMG. But if we use this on strings or structures that is not thread safe because then the lock only occurs for copying the pointer. But another thread could change the global value what results in efree

[PHP-DEV] Build broken

2002-04-11 Thread Marcus Boerger
I am having some build problems. gcc -Imain/ -I/usr/src/php4/main/ -DPHP_ATOM_INC -I/usr/src/php4/include -I/usr/src/php4/main -I/usr/src/php4 -I/usr/src/php4/Zend -I/usr/src/php4/ext/xml/expat -I/usr/src/php4/TSRM -DTHREAD=1 -g -O2 -pthread -Wall -DZTS -c /usr/src/php4/main/streams.c -o

[PHP-DEV] modified base64

2002-04-10 Thread Marcus Boerger
After (v)spprintf i have another modified function here: base64url_(en|de)code I sometimes transmit binary data or thinks like session ids over http. when using base64 the problem is in the chars '+', '/' and '='. So i changed base64 to use '-', '_' and '!' instead. After this change no

[PHP-DEV] (v)spprintf

2002-04-09 Thread Marcus Boerger
I just implemented spprintf and vpprintf. Both are nearly the same as (v)snprintf. The difference is that using vspprintf you usee a dynamically allocated buffer which *can* have a maximum length. To reduce runtime cost the functions reallocate in buffers of 1K. The old value of *pbuf is ignored

Re: [PHP-DEV] cvs: php4 /main/main.c [[Re: [PHP-DEV] ErrorLog problem]]

2002-03-30 Thread Marcus Boerger
Try this patch. It does the same but it's a better solution. But where is the configure variable to have your feature disabled by default? - keep to discussion or say why you ignore discussion points. marcus At 04:40 30.03.2002, you wrote: rootshell Fri Mar 29 23:13:29 2002 CET


2002-03-22 Thread Marcus Boerger
I added new -x switch to CLI version which enables execution of files without having scripting tags. Suppose we have a file called /usr/bin/phpx: /usr/bin/php -x $1 EOF Suppose we have a file called hello.phpc #!/usr/bin/phpx echo Hello ;echoWorld!\n; EOF Suppose we have a file called hello2.phpc

[PHP-DEV] RFC: CLI alone

2002-03-17 Thread Marcus Boerger
The following patch enables a CLI build without having CGI. Any suggestions? marcus diff -u -w -r1.163 acinclude.m4 --- acinclude.m413 Mar 2002 16:59:49 - 1.163 +++ acinclude.m417 Mar 2002 17:14:09 - -126,6 +126,14 ]) dnl +dnl Disable building CGI +dnl

[PHP-DEV] memory streams

2002-03-16 Thread Marcus Boerger
At the moment i am working at memory-streams If have the following problem left: I must extend struct _php_stream_ops with ftell by the way php_stream_tell is wrong because it relies on seek and that does return either 0 on success or an erroecode regards marcus -

[PHP-DEV] Streams

2002-03-16 Thread Marcus Boerger
Hi Wez, i tried the streams and memory streams now in ext/exif. What i do is check whether a stream is an stdio stream and if not copy it to a memory stream and work with that. But before going on using it i close/free the original stream. I tested with http:... and the wrapper has destroy set

[PHP-DEV] CLI: Passing arguments to scripts....

2002-03-10 Thread Marcus Boerger
The following path for cli version is concerned with passing arguments to scripts. I found out that not all ways work correct and $PHP_SELF is not set at all. The four example below explain the patch. All four execute: echo $PHP_SELF\n; echo join($argv,',').\n; 1) Execute a file using -f and

[PHP-DEV] vote for new function FP_FSKIP

2002-03-08 Thread Marcus Boerger
Some image functions need to skip ofer certain file/stream regions. The current solution is to skip these regions by reading them into an allocated buffer. This makes the problem: Allocating the buffer. Some images are very big so we have to allocate a large amount of memory. For files we could

[PHP-DEV] Executing code with CLI without using a file

2002-03-05 Thread Marcus Boerger
hi, i just looked at the code for a possibility to extend CLI to execute code without using files. For example: php -- 'echo Hello World;' I saw that only files can be executed, so i had to pacth the following files: Zend/zend_compile.h: added new constant ZEND_HANDLE_STRING

[PHP-DEV] New function (repost from php-cvs)

2002-03-04 Thread Marcus Boerger
hi guys, what about a new function called strnlen str*n*len which will return the length of a string with a given maximum to avoid problems with strings not zero terminated i suggest we put this in a single c file near strlcpyc /* {{{ php_strnlen * get length of string if buffer if less than

[PHP-DEV] php_error $php_erormsg

2002-03-04 Thread Marcus Boerger
Question, do we have a function that resets the $php_errormsg variable before returning from a php function (Then one could write E_NOTICE to log but not generae info returning in $php_errormsg)? marcus - mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] I don't want to start any

[PHP-DEV] GetImageSize,read_exif_data,Bug #6787,#14994

2002-03-03 Thread Marcus Boerger
Hi Rasmus, today i woke up and i think the solution is to have read_exif_data a third parameter whether or not to return information if no exif is present. And to support TIFFs with GetImageSize we only need a small addition of say less than 100 lines c code... marcus

Re: [PHP-DEV] php + cygwin - some more

2002-03-03 Thread Marcus Boerger
At 15:29 03.03.2002, you wrote: Ok, seeing that some people indeed do use cygwin to build PHP, here's report about my achievements: Just checked with new cygwin and it builds, compiles but does not link, seem to be a problem with underscore generation. The cli executable does not find its

[PHP-DEV] Bug #12856: dynamic default function parameter not possible

2001-08-20 Thread marcus . boerger
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Operating system: PHP version: 4.0.6 PHP Bug Type: Feature/Change Request Bug description: dynamic default function parameter not possible Hi all, Why is it not possible to have dynamic default function parameters? This would give the

[PHP-DEV] Bug #12857: get_html_translation_tabele() and non HTML_SPECIALCHARS

2001-08-20 Thread marcus . boerger
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Operating system: PHP version: 4.0.6 PHP Bug Type: Feature/Change Request Bug description: get_html_translation_tabele() and non HTML_SPECIALCHARS Hi all, i have the need for another translation table of function get_html_translation_tabele();

[PHP-DEV] Bug #12302: timezone,struct statfs,linking

2001-07-21 Thread marcus . boerger
From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Operating system: cygwin PHP version: 4.0.6 PHP Bug Type: *Compile Issues Bug description: timezone,struct statfs,linking I am trying to install php with gd,postgres,... to cygwin. +timezone must be explicitly converted to long by typecast in